The price is right: the best DTH at Rs 219

Airtel’s DTH connection is simply the best: the monthly HD rental only costs Rs 219 per month!

You still remember how excited you were the day you installed a cable TV connection in your house. It was the early 1990s, and every household was vying for a cable connection. You had so many channels to watch, right from early morning to late at night. There were channels catering to all age groups, and more were added as the years passed.

But today, you cannot fathom the poor quality of transmission and services that your cable TV operator provides. There was no option but to make do with this kind of shoddy programming when there was no alternative to cable TV. But since the advent of DTH connections since the year 2004, there is really no reason why you should suffer from cable TV when you can get the best DTH connection with HD channels for your home.

HD TV – get it today for your home

HD is an abbreviated form of the term ‘High Definition’. It offers greater depth of resolution (i.e. more pixels per square inch of the screen) and more detail (of color and image) per pixel. However, not all the channels you view on your TV screen are HD channels – you require an HD-compatible set-top box and a good TV set to be able to view these channels. At the moment, there are 50 HD channels being beamed in India. Leading providers like Airtel offer all these 50 HD channels.

The rest of the channels that you watch are all SD channels, which do not require any special TV set or even a set-top box. The best DTH connections are offering the most superior picture and sound quality, as well as high resolution of an image that cable connections do not.

For instance, while SD channels offer 720×576 px resolution, while HD offers a staggering 1920×1080 px resolution. The best DTH connections from leading providers like Airtel let you enjoy watching TV like never before – exciting sports matches come alive in your living room, as do action films and reality shows. If you are a gamer, you can gather your friends for a fast and furious gaming session at home with your HD TV connection.

  • You can easily upgrade to HD TV with a provider like Airtel – their HD rental pack costs just Rs 219!
  • While every operator provides HD channels, only Airtel has the best DTH proposition: an HD rental pack costing just Rs 219 and comprising 260 channels, an HD set-top box, universal remote control that works both the TV set and set-top box, and no installation charges.
  • Airtel offers not just the best DTH connection, but also the opportunity to playback/record missed programming, and get Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound to complement the visuals.
  • You can choose to modify or change the pack later if you feel that you wish to watch other channels. This can be done online.
  • You can easily recharge Airtel DTH online and get cash back and other offers while doing so.
  • Check the best DTH packs being offered for your city on the Airtel website.