What to Consider Before Choosing an Automatic Feeder

You do not like to get out of bed very early in the morning to feed your beloved cat? You are not the only one. Do you travel a lot too? You will worry about how your cat will live in your absence. Do you also work all day? All these everyday problems can make it difficult to care for your pet. However, it can be easily solved if you get one of the best automatic feeders for cats.

A robot machine for feeding cat food and cat fountains is highly recommended for households in which cats are present as pets. Despite the fact that you can personally feed your cats in your free time and assign a place to place a container with pellets, it is recommended to use a robot to automate this task. The reason is simple: you will not always have time to feed your cat, so automating the task is much easier.

There are so many different types of feeders on the market, and some of them can be programmed and configured using your mobile device. Despite the fact that most of the feeders available on the market will suit everyone, it may still be difficult to choose a particular model that is convenient for the user. To help you streamline the buying process, we have gathered some information, as well as tips on how to find the best pet dispenser, depending on the type of cat and number of animals.

What to consider before choosing an automatic feeder

Before you choose any automatic autonomous non-volatile feed distributor, you need to think about how it will keep your precious furry companion in the correct form. Studies have shown that in RUSSIA, 50 percent of dogs and cats are overweight (this percentage is even higher among adult pets). When feeding troughs or containers used in feeding do not meet quality standards and feed domestic animals in excess, there is a high probability that the animal will face obesity.

Cats tend to gain weight when they eat more calories than they can burn during daily activities. Causes of overweight include:


Low level of activity (or inaction)

Reproductive status

Diseases such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, and Cushing’s disease.


Breeding Method.

Other things to consider:

The number of pets in your home

Before you buy an automatic feeder for cats, you need to consider the number of pets that you have. It is recommended to buy separate automatic feeders for different pets. Some animals may be overly aggressive while eating, and you probably don’t want them to interfere with each other. It also becomes a problem that when eating from the same bowl, animals will receive portions of various sizes.

The size and strength of pets

There are troughs of different sizes; you must be sure that you are buying the right one. Some of them are made for large pets (allowing them to hold and distribute large food), while some are suitable for small animals.

If the animal is overweight, it is necessary to invest in a good product distributor, which has an automatic unit with a timer. This will allow the cat or dog to eat at the right time and just the right amount of food. With this type of feeder, you can feed your pets three times a day (in the morning, afternoon and evening). Given this, it is possible to ensure that the cat remains full and healthy.

Is it suitable for dogs or cats?

Some models of automatic feeders are specifically designed for cats, while others are intended for dogs. Those made for cats can really work for small dogs, but you need to understand that the bodies of dogs and cats differ in dietary requirements and sizes.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the market offers so that you can determine the type and size of the feeder.

The number of food

The automation unit of the feeder must be able to produce the minimum number of pieces at any time, for example. Half a cup or thirty grams for each feeding time. At the same time you can be sure that your pets will not overeat.

The feeder must also have a secure nozzle system. Cats and dogs can be so creative that they will do everything to get more pieces ahead of time. And there are some that eat too fast. In this case, you need a feeder, which will give pieces and pellets into several parts for each feeding time. You can find a battery-powered automatic feeder for cats that automatically stops or closes if it notices that your pet is eating too fast.

Efficiency and power of the feeder

What capacity can support the feeder? The feeder of large capacity is not necessary to replenish too often, but only occasionally. He should be able to keep and distribute a suitable amount of food if you have several pets. An airtight bunker is required if products are stored inside the feeder for a long period of time.

Automatic feeders in the online store should pay attention to the shape and size of the pieces of food. Some feeders feed through an intermediate tank called a test tube. If the piece you are using is too large, it may be stuck in the feeder. Round feed does not cause problems, while square feeds can get stuck inside the tube.

Our choice of the best automatic feeder for pets with a timer

From our recommendations for automatic feeders, we chose the WOPET A36 Automatic Feeder – the obvious winner of our review of the best automatic feeder for cats. The device is quite simple to use, and also suitable for dishwashers. It has an accurate digital timer, and also allows the user to program meal schedules for their cats. This may be ideal for cats that have special dietary needs to prevent overweight. Automatic feeders for cats, which were viewed with the WOPET Automatic Feeder, were flawed according to some characteristics. Some of them are not suitable for a dishwasher and subject food to pollutants. Some lacked a backup power supply and adjustable parts.