The Search Engine Options For the Small Business

The search engine reads all words and numbers on a web page but does not read it the way a person does. It understands the combination, but not the meaning. So we know that 06 – 12345678 is a mobile number, but for the search engine, it is a series of numbers. By indicating to the search engine what your name and address data mean, you score better locally.

On the platform, you will find codes with which you realize this. You will find codes here for, for example, the address, telephone numbers, city, zip code, and company name. When a potential customer is in the area and he is looking for a liquor store in Eindhoven, you will be visible locally with these codes. For the SEO services for small business this is important now.

Local SEO tips for your content

Content is an important part of SEO. It is one of the pillars on which your website is assessed. So if you really want to be visible locally, respond smartly to this through specific content factors. But which aspects can you realize yourself?

  • Add city name in combination with a relevant keyword on a page title
  • Add city name in combination with a relevant keyword on the H1 of this page (The best liquor store in Eindhoven)
  • Add city name in combination with a relevant keyword in the URL
  • Add city name in combination with a relevant keyword in the content of the page
  • Add city name in combination with relevant keyword to the alt tag of the images
  • Add Google maps images to the page

Link building

External links from local relevant pages also give your local visibility a boost. Think of online telephone directories or company guides (local companies, municipality, local associations). With tools like Majestic, you can also see which links your competitors use. There are certainly opportunities there too. After all, they do not just rank so high.

But of course, it is also a possibility to write a guest blog on a relevant page to stimulate your ranking. Link building promotes the reputation of your website.


When you have completed these steps you will notice that you are becoming more visible locally. But be patient. SEO is a long term strategy so does not expect that you will have conquered the highest spot tomorrow. With the implementation of the above local SEO tips, you will undoubtedly take steps in your local visibility. Good luck with local SEO. If you need help with the implementation of the steps, please contact our SEO specialists. We are happy to help you.