The Power of Advertising Products

Businesses around the world spend millions and billions to promote their company on a national and global scale.

In fact, despite the prevalence of technology in this highly digital world, a 2015 study shows that advertisers spent about $600 billion in 2015 alone simply to market their products and services.

In the field of marketing, promotional products are considered some of the oldest forms of advertising. With cheap printing services available in Brisbane, there is no denying the power of these products to persuade, influence and change the perspectives of customers, investors, and the public.

Print Is Still Relevant

According to branding expert Jerry McLaughlin in an interview with The New York Times, individuals are more likely to respond when they are given tangible items that will allow them to remember who gave them the specific objects.

Today, this type of strategy is still widespread in the industry. Besides giving out traditional flyers, brochures, business cards, most suppliers and manufacturers in the business also explore printing signs for events, banners, and other print ads.

Numerous studies show that constant exposure to these marketing materials ramps up consumer purchases. Why? Not only do these printed ads pique the curiosity of potential customers, but they also help establish continued patronage of existing consumers through retention in their mind. Besides boosting the sales of a business, these items draw the attention of the people to the quality of products being produced by the company.

With businesses looking to boost their visibility, engagement, and relevance in the industry, it comes as no surprise that there are many who are looking to amp up their game. In fact, more than being remembered by a specific target audience, companies are now looking for ways to connect with their target audience. To achieve this goal, here are some tips to consider:

· Do Your Research

Before jumping to big ideas and investing in various items, it is best to have a thorough research. This includes the unique vision and mission as well as the specific target market of your company. More than the image companies wish to project, these corporations should aim to gain the trust of the consumers.

Likewise, you should research your competitors to find out their strategy and milestones in the industry. In turn, this familiarises your company with the trends in the industry and the methods that are proven to work well.

· Differentiate Your Company

To truly capture the attention of the people, make sure that your company’s ideas go well outside the box. This assures your customers that you are not afraid to take risks nor disrupt the common and mundane cultural and societal norms.

A case in point: Apple. The tech giant’s marketing principle is so simple yet so effective. How come? It’s because of Steve Jobs’ legacy to the tech industry – better user experience.

Aside from their minimalist design in their promotional items such as posters, banners, and other signs in their stores, Apple provides a unique first-hand experience to their customers. The company enables their patrons to use their top-of-the-line gadgets in their chain of retail stores. This strategy effectively bridges the gap between reality and fantasy. Since interested individuals can try and explore their newly released products, they are more inclined to walk out of the outlet with a new purchase.

By opting for products that connect the manufacturer and consumer, you are not only appealing to your consumers’ emotions, you are also engaging them on a more personal level.

· Choose Personalised Products

The traditional way of advertising your business usually includes a big logo and your company name. However, since your goal is to woo potential customers, customizing your approach be the best. One way to do this is by putting your clients’ names on your promotional items. This way, they can associate a sense of loyalty and trust in your brand.

· Skip the logo

People who received items with ubiquitous signs and logos tend to be turned off by what they see. Not only are these images eyesores, printing them on your packaging or promotional materials also creates the impression that you are hard-selling the product. To make these more helpful and useful to your clients, see to it that the items you give provide additional value to their daily living without the sign that they ‘were sold’.

With the right tools and a carefully curated selection of promotional products, your company can also reach the heights of success.

Advertising and marketing can be tricky to navigate. Some companies who fail to adapt to these very competitive fields. But because of creativity and determination, some brands like Apple and McDonalds were able to reinvent themselves in their respective industries using the tips above. These businesses can be your inspiration to succeed in print and other forms of advertising.

Author: Carrie Sze