Easy and Quick Fixes of Common Website Design Mistakes

When establishing an online presence of your growing business, you don’t wish to make any web design errors. To gain new consumers, establish credibility, as well as nurture customer relationship, it is necessary to have an effective website designed.

  • Optimal user-friendly experience
  • A consistent flow of leads
  • Constant sales

You can check your web strategy, so as to detect some common website designing errors. Correcting these helps to attract more business. Make sure that you are aware of your website goals, target customers, digital marketing strategies, updates frequency, and maintenance costs.

Even if you have created and launched a small business website design, the common errors can be corrected easily. If you are building a website design from scratch then it is wise to avoid the given costly errors.

Easy and quick fixes of common website design mistakes

Lack of CTA [call to action]

Professional website conveys customer the how, where and what –

  • How to feel
  • Where to go
  • What to do

Call to Action gets viewers focused on the next step. A written prompt with a persuasive command is attached to a button or link. Be clear in your language and keep CTA simple and brief telling users precisely what to do!

For example,

  • Get Started
  • Sign Up Now
  • Add to Cart
  • Contact Us Today

No analytics for performance tracking

Your website is a valuable investment, so to protect it you need to analyze progress, so as to measure success. The capability to test, track, and adjust easily is the huge advantage of online marketing. Metric tools can be applied to test and track progress. You get to know user behavior, which allows setting goals for conversion.

Poor SEO

No golden rule is discovered for obtaining top search engine rankings. Moreover, ranking on top of search engine list does not happen overnight. Actually, there is a black and white hat technique to be understood, so that you don’t make errors in creating your website and get penalized or lose website authority. Today, search engine algorithms are a lot smarter, so you will need to hone your SEO and focus on –

  • Long tail keywords
  • Post quality content consistently
  • Encourage social engagement

Unclear contact information

Customers need your contact info to reach you but if it is not mentioned clearly then it shouts MISSED opportunity. You need to design a specific contact page as well as prominently add the address and phone number in each webpage’s header and footer. You can even place a clear CTA in the header directly with a phone number – ‘Call 955-444-4444 for a free consultation today!’

Customers are in a hurry and if you give them another convenience in the form of ‘Contact Page’ they can get in touch form your website itself. It means minimize clicks…. maximize opportunities! You can offer them several ways to get in touch with you —via email, phone, social page, and contact form submission.

Ignoring the mobile platform

Today, people want to stay connected constantly. Smartphones are being used to browse on a large scale. 41{69d371dc3a7215af1cf70e657e96c7414241106804c5daaddb02eee3606ab22c} of users are reported to move to competitor’s website if their mobile experience is poor. 57{69d371dc3a7215af1cf70e657e96c7414241106804c5daaddb02eee3606ab22c} users said they will never recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website. 67{69d371dc3a7215af1cf70e657e96c7414241106804c5daaddb02eee3606ab22c} of users are reported to purchase products from mobile-friendly site. Therefore, make sure to have a website designed in such a way that the user obtain a consistent experience on every device.