How To Comparing Chat Applications Encryption, Privacy and Safe Usage

Mobile instant messaging (IM) applications play a vital role in helping businesses cope with the increasing demands in the industry. Such software makes communication far more convenient and cost-saving.

The only trade here is the assurance of protecting the user’s data privacy while being transparent with them. Individuals don’t want external forces observing their activities. Besides, laws and regulations ask companies to secure their identity and prevent the disclosure of private details. So, if you’re anxious about WhatsApp call recording, calm down as it is a policy they should follow. 

It is necessary for users to know and understand the difference of available IM apps in the market to choose what suits them the best.

WhatsApp and Messenger are sister IM apps owned by Facebook. Contrary to WhatsApp default end-to-end encryption, users who wish to send and receive messages privately need to turn on the Secret Conversations setting. Both platforms see your transactions as they don’t encrypt your metadata. On top of their user data collection and undisclosed application code, they also provide transparency reports to answer your queries and worries.

Telegram, like Messenger, instructs users to switch on the Start Secret Chat feature to activate the end-to-end encryption messaging. The said IM app doesn’t encrypt metadata, collects user data, and keeps transparency reports and application code unavailable for people.

In compliance with the strict regulations of the Chinese government, WeChat can monitor your messages and overall activities as it doesn’t encrypt via end-to-end means, and your metadata isn’t encrypted also. Aside from their undisclosed app code, transparency reports aren’t open to the public. 

Signal Technology Foundation-developed Signal chat has top-notch security and transparency offers among its peers despite being the youngest. It secures your conversation and metadata through end-to-end encryption while releasing transparency reports and making their app code unveiled for users.

To more know more about chat apps, refer to this infographic by Telemessage.