Is Technology a Bringer of Great Promise or Great Peril?

The pace of progress constantly astonishes and dumbfounds me. I pretty much recollect stallions pulling coal trucks as a child and now we’re creating driverless autos. The Internet of Things will be a piece of our everyday life soon and mankind is by all accounts losing the capacity to stand up straight as of now. To what extent will it be before we begin taking after bananas more than gorillas with an articulated bend of the spine and neck from gazing down at mobiles?

Cell Phone Addiction

We’re in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

As per the World Economic Forum, we’re presently in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We’ve just survived an enormous measure of progress and who realizes what is around the corner. The regularly rising walk of Artificial Intelligence (AI) indicates incredible guarantee in numerous fields for the future however it is likewise profoundly disputable and multi-faceted.

Indeed, even Elon Musk, the ‘Thomas Edison of the 21st century’ has genuine questions about what we are making for ourselves. The serial business person who has taken part in a wide range of innovation from electric autos, rockets, Paypal, Hyperloop, sun-oriented power frameworks, electric planes to advanced innovation. The man who is renowned for his intends to colonize Mars, promote DNA sequencing to distinguish cures for ailments and reasonable combination to make vitality for every one of us forever.

Mars colonization

A man who is a bearer of incredible guarantee. However Musk likewise predicts that ‘robots will have the capacity to show improvement over us’ and they will ‘take your employment, and the government should pay your wage’. He additionally trusts that we ought to be exceptionally concerned and proactively manage Artificial Intelligence as it is a ‘hazard to the presence of human progress’ in a way that dangers we regularly manage now are just destructive to an arrangement of people in the public eye.

Interestingly Mark Zuckerberg, the similarly acclaimed business visionary of Facebook is more hopeful saying that manmade brainpower will enhance life later on and that naysayers are unreliable.

Is innovation the bearer of extraordinary guarantee?

The positives of AI are unquestionably tremendous

“For individuals with an incapacity, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will give us superpowers”

Birgit Skarstein, Double Paralympic competitor and World Rowing Champion, Norway

“Envision a robot equipped for treating Ebola patients or tidying up atomic waste.”

Dileep George, computerized reasoning, and neuroscience specialist

“Any talented designer can take control remotely of any associated ‘thing’. Society has not yet understood the amazing situations this ability makes.”

André Kudelski, Chairman, and CEO of Kudelski Group

Computerized reasoning (AI) is as of now assuming a huge part in human services and some trust that there is an AI Healthcare ‘tidal wave coming’ that will profit all. Information as of now has the greatest part to play in social insurance giving the opportunity to reform current medicinal services frameworks.