Before You Decommission Your Data Center

Data center decommissioning involves disposing of a company’s data centers infrastructure in a manner that eliminates all possible risks of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Since it is so important for the security of data, it should never be taken lightly. The larger the data center infrastructure you have, the more serious you should be about it. The process may include the removal of computers, servers, demolition of data sites, disposal of old storage devices, etc.

Decommissioning a data center is a complex undertaking. For most clients, maximizing return on investment while mitigating risks is usually at the top of their list and with good reason. Decommissioning a data center is serious business and there are so many elements to consider.

Avoiding damage to the building’s infrastructure, implementing proper tracking and auditing procedures, complying with current State and Federal laws, and transporting logistics are just naming a few of those considerations.

Before starting the decommissioning process, it is important to get a checklist in place and hire a reputable company to do the job. By doing both these things, the chances that the move or consolidation of your data center will go more smoothly. To effectively decommission your data center, there are some things you need to consider:

Assess Operating Expenses And Financial Liability

Decommissioning a data center takes more expertise and time than you might think so make sure to create a timeline. Consider the costs, the actual process and the breakdown and disposal methods.

Assign A Project Manager

Data center decommission is definitely a process with a multitude of elements that need close attention. If you have the resources to assign a project manager to the project, it is wise to do so. Having someone directly manage the job is always a smart decision.

Review The Existing Lease

Dig out the lease and make sure you know the requirements for how space should be left once you have vacated and if there is additional paperwork that must be completed.

Make A List Of Potential Buyers

If you plan to sell items within the data center, such as computer room air conditioner units, generators or towers, first have them appraised. Next, make a list of vendors who might be interested in purchasing these items.

Track And Audit Equipment And Serial Numbers

We suggest hiring a reputable data destruction company that will handle this task for you. Tracking and auditing equipment can be a lengthy and confusing process and without enough manpower, it is easy to make mistakes. Leaving this to a professional is truly the best choice.

Inquire About How Your Items Are Being Disposed

While there are no federal regulations for the disposal of e-waste, the Environmental Protection Agency has created regulations and standards under a program they call “e-recycling”. Make sure the company you hire follows this document. For example, Guardian Data Destruction follows the EPA’s rules in order to ensure all e-waste is properly disposed of without negatively affecting the environment.

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