The Top Benefits of Crowdfunding for a Creative Project

The best thing about crowdfunding is that it is a simple and user-friendly process of raising funds from a group of online supporters for any cause under the sun, as long as the project motive does not stand in contradiction with local, national, or international laws. The crowdfunding India campaigner simply has to log on to a crowdfunding platform website, fill out personal details and project objectives, plus a fund utilization plan sketch and relevant images and video that can buttress the authenticity and credibility of the web fundraiser. Next, the campaigner has to share the crowdfunding India campaign on social media and ask for donations from their “crowd” of friends and fans. Each share improves fundraiser visibility and helps the campaigner garner more donations.

In India, where crowdfunding is still not known to most of the public, the greatest number of crowdfunding campaigns is run to help sick people raise treatment costs. The next largest category of campaigners is activists or NGO representatives who are fundraising to implement social change projects. Creative artists and performers dominate the crowdfunding landscape in the West, but not so in India, at least not yet.

In this article we’ll show you why, as a filmmaker, photographer, writer, theatre actor or dancer, crowdfunding India can help you reach your dreams especially in the beginning stages of your career, and also why it is a better mode of financing your aesthetic ideas than other more conventional funding plans. Here goes:

1. Crowdfunding is quick and easy. We have already outlined the crowdfunding process for you. Campaigners in the crowdfunding India space have been known to raise their very ambitious targets in under a week!

2. With crowdfunding, there is no initial outlay. You start your fundraiser for free on most platforms, and the service fee is collected only when the fundraiser closes. We’ll add to this point the fact that crowdfunding is not a loan, and there is no payback involved in the funds you raise.

3. Crowdfunding is flexible. By this we mean all you need to crowdfund is a smart device and an internet connection, and then raise funds from any location at all.

4. There is no risk! In the worst possible case, you will not meet your target. It doesn’t matter, because whatever funds you have raised you can keep and channel toward your project.

Are you convinced to try crowdfunding India now that you know why it is better than age-old loans and borrowing systems? Start a fundraiser today.