4 Ways to Secure Your Home against Intruders

The thought of a burglar breaking into your home may keep you up at night, and the thought of installing a security system can be a daunting task. “What brand should I start with? What system should I buy? What sensors do I need?” etcetera, etcetera. The best place to start is with Home8’s Video-Verified Security Alarm System, https://www.home8alarm.com/security/security/, which is easy to install and has all the necessary sensors to cover all your bases. Here are four ways this system will keep any and all intruders at bay.

Video Verification

It’s well known that 98{69d371dc3a7215af1cf70e657e96c7414241106804c5daaddb02eee3606ab22c} of all security alarms are false alarms. Eliminate any false alarm fines and actually catch intruders by using a video-verified system, such as the Home8 Security Alarm System. Verify video alerts on your smartphone and once an emergency is confirmed, you can call local authorities for a prioritized response directly from the Home8 app. It’s no doubt that video verification should be an essential feature of your security system.

Night Vision Camera

A security camera is great, a security camera that has night vision is even better. The package includes the Mini Cube HD Camera which has automatic night vision so you can monitor your home in low light conditions. Its compact size enables this indoor camera to be placed in cramped spaces or even hidden from sight. Along with its versatile use during daytime or nighttime, the Mini Cube HD Camera is perfect for any situation.

Door + Window Sensor

Secure your doors and windows with Door + Window Sensors which are, of course, included with Home8’s security package. Once these contact sensors are triggered, the siren will activate and you will receive an instant push notification of the emergency. The Door + Window sensors are excellent for entry protection and serves as your first line of defense against intruders.

Motion Sensor

Protect entire rooms, such as living rooms, kitchens, and basements, with a motion sensor. It’s also great for walkways such as halls or staircases. The siren within the smart hub will sound off as soon as motion is detected by the sensor. Make sure no intruder is safe when they set foot into your home.

Don’t be one of those people that wait until their home is broken-in to before taking any action to improve their security. Get the Home8 Video-Verified Security Alarm System now before it’s too late.