What are the benefits of using electronic logging device (ELD)?

An electronic logging device also known as E-log or ELD is a small device attached to the engine of a commercial motor vehicle and its purpose is to record the driving hours. It is an important device because the driving hours of a commercial vehicle are regulated by the government, also known as the commercial vehicle driver hours of service regulations. The number of hours varies from one place to another.

The ELD device comes with tons of benefits, which includes:

Make the life of the driver easy on the road –

Keep trucking ELD makes the driver’s life easy on the road. It eliminates the steps needed to gather the data required by drivers to report every single day. It eliminates check calls.

More miles on the road –

More miles is equivalent to more money. This is why commercial vehicle owners are investing in ELD as it offers a great return on investment. It significantly reduced the paperwork by 15 minutes every single day. If you sum it up, it could add about five to ten hours of driving time a week. As the time for paperwork is reduced, the driving time increases which could lead to a large paycheck.

Issues a warning when the time is tight –

The electronic logging device warns the driver when the time is tight, which helps them adhere to the company standard. With the warning feature, drivers are warned if they are about to miss the standard 30-minute break. What’s even great with this device is it creates an audible alert to notify you of the time to pull over in places somewhere safe.

Documentation –

The logging device documents the driver’s safety in times of unfortunate events such as an accident. Yes, it records car-truck accidents and other critical events that may come along while on the road.

If you have not ventured into an electronic logging device, then now is the best time to do so. It improves work efficiency and prevents any untoward incidents while the driver is on the road.