Compliance and Cyber Security with the Same Company

This Cyber Security company eliminates the delays and fears the usually occur when trying to run and organization in an environment that is not secure; letting their clients focus on their business mission. By bringing together training that is advanced, 10 years of experience with technologies that have become quite powerful, this company meets the needs of out client’s letting them move faster together with more confidence.

Cyber Security

When it comes to computers, the power is in knowledge. This company works with your business or organization to ensure you know your system. They make certain the clients have the knowledge that is needed to sustain the systems that make up your Cyber Security suite, so your employees are ready for future challenges.

Tools for protection

This company has wide assortment of tools to protect your company – these include:

  • Advanced persistent threat or APT
  • Email Archiving
  • Cloud endpoint backup
  • Mobil management/BYOD
  • Content filter
  • Data loss prevention or DLP
  • Email security
  • Encryption
  • End protection
  • Firewalls
  • Identity & Access Management or IAM
  • Intrusion Detection or IDS
  • Network Access Control or NAC
  • Privileged Access
  • Threat detection
  • Unified Threat management

 Enterprise Managed security

In today’s current economic environment, many companies are decreasing their budgets for IT while security threats are increasing. NTP offers an assortment of security management amenities so that your organization can have the protection they need from cyber threats and are able to meet all compliance without needing to obtain solutions or hire affluent and rare security talent. These accomplished security services are available for hosted systems, on-premise data centres, as well as environments that are cloud-based.

Identify risk today

iScan automatically will scan virtually every device as well as PCs, the networks servers, as well as mobile device – for unprotected data at-risk, who has access to that data and find what vulnerabilities leave it exposed. This will identify:

  • Exposures
  • Data at risk
  • Unauthorized access

 Compliance Consulting

In a current regulated business situation, compliance necessities need an incredible amount of resources and organization emphasis. Also, non-compliance is not a choice, as probable fines and penalties can be crippling.

NTP can assist you to attain and then continue compliance with ever-changing regulatory standards.

Ultimately, help companies reach compliance while also focused on risk management and security. Working in combination with their clients, this company advances an all-inclusive security strategy that operates best-in-breed security solutions.