The Growth Genius – A Digital Marketing Podcast to Enhance your Skills

The Growth Genius is a digital marketing podcast designed to help digital marketers and aspiring entrepreneurs enhance their skills. The podcast is focused on covering the success stories of marketing leaders and professionals who made it in the industry from scratch and provided their respective companies with digital growth. Listening to Growth Genius digital marketing podcast will give you insights into every aspect of internet marketing. The guests talk about each element of the field, from search engine optimization, content marketing, analytics, paid ads, research, social media marketing, business development, and lead generation, which are few topics among other things.

This digital marketing podcast is hosted by Kaushal Thakkar, founder – Infidigit. He interviews digital marketers and uncovers the tried and tested methods that these successful marketers use to pump up different digital marketing types and strategies.

In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about Growth Genius podcast and how listening to it can help you create growth strategies using multiple digital platforms. Most importantly, we will also uncover a few guests whom Kaushal interviewed.

How Growth Genius Podcast Will Help Digital Marketers to Create Growth Strategies, Using Multiple Digital Platforms?

Growth Genius podcast is primarily focused on interviewing renowned marketers such as Ashish Agarwal, Kiran Kurnool & Saurabh Gupta, in the industry with the purpose of gaining insights into their marketing strategies, and how they played a significant role in their organizations’ growth.

Here, you can learn all about the internal functioning of companies and businesses, and what techniques and strategies they use to market their products or services and spread brand awareness. You can leverage this information and knowledge to your advantage and implement them to successfully grow your business.

In this day and age, where businesses are competing with each other, it becomes imperative to have a robust digital marketing strategy. For business owners, particularly beginners, it can be overwhelming to compete with the same businesses. They need something foolproof to implement. This is where the Growth Genius podcast can be of great help. The personalities who are interviewed by Kaushal have years of experience in the industry, and their story can help you inspire in developing a digital strategy for your business.

By going through the podcast, you can set the groundwork for your marketing success. Essentially, you will learn about:

  • Identifying your business’ revenue goals for the financial year
  • What will work and what won’t/hasn’t
  • How to set goals for marketing campaigns
  • How to design marketing campaigns
  • Reviewing target markets and personas
  • Discussing marketing budget
  • Identifying key competitors

Personalities like Divya Dixit, SVP, ALTBalaji, Raam Nayakar, Myntra, Anikt Rawal, Director, Affle, etc. have all interviewed with Kaushal during the Growth Genius podcast. They have shared some valuable insights into how they managed to emerge as the toppers in their respective industries.

Divya Dixit, the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Analytics at ALTBalaji, shared her growth strategies and how it helped ALTBalaji become India’s most popular OTT platform.

You can listen to these podcasts on Infidigit’s official website.