SEM and Backlink Options for You

We discovered SEM quite recently, especially thanks to the comments under this article. So we tested the platform and I must say that I am won over. The SEM platform allows you to manage your Netlinking campaigns in a serene way. You know what you are buying. The big advantage being that there is something for all budgets: the price of a link (backlink) starts at 20 €.

Regarding writing, you can choose if you want your link to be accompanied by an article of 500 or 1000 words for example. This flexibility is very appreciable. With the 301 backlinks you need the essential option.

  • SEM offers its own rating system to define the quality of sites and therefore the price of a publication: the JuiceFlow.
  • A rating ranging from 0 to 100.
  • The site ratings are updated every month, to ensure that they reflect reality in real-time. The algorithm is very advanced and therefore you really pay for what you get.

On SEM, you can, therefore, publish on several types of sites, beyond their “SEO” quality:

When you launch your Netlinking campaign on SEM, you will be able to filter the sites according to several criteria:

  • Their quality for your SEO, so the JuiceFlow we mentioned above
  • Their thematic (a large choice of thematic is proposed)
  • The language of the site and the target country (its audience)
  • The type of link you want: Deep page, home page…
  • The type of anchor desired: Exact keyword, neutral anchor, brand name, URL, etc.
  • Target audience: Young people, adults, professionals, men, women, seniors.

All these criteria will allow you to better target your search and therefore sort the sites. Because yes, SEM has many partner sites and of very good quality, sorting is therefore necessary.

Another interesting thing: when you launch your Netlinking campaign, you can give instructions for the editorial part:

  • A short brief, the subject you want the editor to develop
  • The person to use: I or We
  • Here, we let you discover more details SEM by going directly to their site.

Automate Your Netlinking allows you to make larger Netlinking campaigns (in quantity), at a fixed price and therefore save even more time. Concretely allows you to create 6 types of links:

Links in directories: Article of at least 300 words on a qualitative directory. It is inexpensive and therefore allows you to boost a site when it starts, for example.

  • Sponsored articles on generalist sites. It is also inexpensive and more qualitative than directories.
  • Sponsored articles on specialized sites. It is a little more expensive but again, it is more qualitative.
  • Sponsored “Premium” items. Longer and on sites with very interesting metrics.

Sponsored articles on sites registered on Google News, which is a guarantee of quality and can allow having more visibility. “Gold” articles, much more expensive but on sites with a lot of traffic. The advantage here is that you can work on your SEO and your reputation.