New and Major Benefits of Deli POS Software

No matter where your deli is located, you will need help choosing the best POS system when you are looking to upgrade your existing cash register or point of sale. This information will explain major benefits of deli POS software and what features are most important to help your deli become more successful and much easier to run.

Helps deli grow

Your POS system can either be a tool that is reliable and helps you grow and manage the deli effectively or nothing but an expensive hassle. POS systems change and improve every year.

Changes entire business

An example, using an iPad as a POS device has changed the entire business when it comes to cash registers for small enterprises. You are no longer required to sign a long-term contract and indebted to use expensive, outdated propriety equipment.

Only minutes

It takes only minutes to connect to a standard cash drawer and well-matched networked printers. Easy to operate and almost never malfunctioning, iPads are widely available both used and new, so users enjoy a great consistency to affordability ratio.

Tablet point of sale

POSTER is a Point of Sale (POS) tablet for delis, shops and cafes. The POS application will work on laptops, Android tablets, as well as iPads, which reduces the original cost greatly. A poster has large useful features and is an excellent value for money. These features include but are not limited to stock and financial control, bonuses, discounts, and promotions situations, fast food mode, built-in reports customizable, and map on floor section and storage supply notification. It is easy to set up and takes just minutes. You will be on your way to saving money and time before you know it!

Off or online

The software is equally reliable online and offline. Temporary losses of internet access will not stop your deli from working – you can continue doing business and get receipts printed out. All offline orders will be combined in the cloud and you will be able to see them in the management console after the connection is restored. All resources will work for your business. You can select password protection for actions that are needing innovative security, like making discounts, removing order items after printing a receipt and more.

Barcode scanner

Deli managers can connect a barcode scanner to POSTER POS to start taking orders faster. You can add goods, scan barcodes and discount cards and more. The software also supports Motorola Bluetooth scanners. What is more, your customer can split payments into parts, paying cash or by credit card or gift as they choose.