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Note that the best result is achieved by using all ten points. The moment you can use all the points in the game you want to play, the effect is the greatest, and that gives the best result.

Point 1: Follow the tutorial

A few years ago you started a forge of empires tutorial lbrowser game rather questionable. You were thrown into the game and from that point you were allowed to find out for yourself what the idea was. Difficult, especially when you have no experience with the game you have chosen. The game doesn’t get really fun, especially when you make the wrong choices in the beginning.

Games like Tribal Wars and Elvenar have very strong tutorials. In Forge of Empires you will also find an easy manual that will guide you through the first steps of the game. After these steps, you’re ready to collect your coins and supplies – just take a look!

Point 2: Get enough activity at the right times

Do you know the stories of the people who want to be online 24 hours a day because they want to be in the highest rank? These people are apparently wrong because the activity is useful, but 24 hours a day is complete nonsense. If you can watch a few minutes every hour, it is usually more than enough.

Just watch the intervals in the game. How long does it take to build a building? How long before you can send the troops back on the road to rob? There’s no need to be online 24 hours a day, especially when you have a smartphone – games like Tribal Wars send push notifications when something happens. So very handy!

In addition, you can also quickly collect your production on the go with a smartphone, or see if anything else has happened. Usually it is not necessary, but since most games have good applications, it is just as useful to use them if you really want to go for the top in these games.

Point 3: Choose a direction

The moment you start building, it is elvenar application good to have a plan of action immediately. This is especially true for Elvenar (see our Elvenar review for this ) and Forge of Empires. You have limited space in which you have to build everything and the buildings have a certain space.

Since everything has to be connected to roads, it is good to immediately think how to best place the buildings. Think about the layout and the direction, so that you do not have to demolish buildings afterward because you can no longer simply slide.

If you think about this right from the start, you will build up a big lead compared to your competition. This means that you can rise in the rankings much faster, and you immediately have more space to build on!

Point 4: Only play the best game

Finding the top lists of an online browser game takes time. If you are tired of the game you are playing after a week, you will never get close to the top 10. Therefore, make sure you choose the game that suits you best and that you really enjoy playing, click here for lol smurf accounts