How to Care for Your Smartphone and Tablet to Avoid Buying a New One Every Year

Nowadays, mobile devices have become so ubiquitous in everyone’s daily routines. It is estimated that more than five billion people around the world owns at least one mobile device.

However, smartphones and tablets are quite pricey. The newest iPhone, the iPhone 11, costs $699. Meanwhile, an Android handset can go from around $200 from a mid-range device to $899 for the more premium Samsung Galaxy S10. If you want to keep the smartphone or tablet you already have and save money, here are some tips that can prolong the lifespan of your mobile devices.

Protect Your Screen with Tempered Glass

One common problem that people encounter is a cracked or broken screen. Most of the time, it can be mended. You can find a smartphone or tablet repair service across Utah.

However, you can take preventive actions to avoid smashing your mobile device’s delicate screen when you accidentally drop it or if it slips from your pocket. Get yourself a tempered glass protector which will reduce the damage that your handset will sustain from daily use. It will also prevent any scratches on your device’s actual screen which will affect its touch sensitivity.

More Frequent Shallow Charging to Maintain Battery Performance

More people use their mobile devices to perform different functions throughout the day. From setting up an alarm in the morning to shopping for daily household needs, your mobile device has become an essential part of regular life.

However, the lithium-ion battery that powers your smartphone or tablet does not last forever. At some point, it will not be able to function as efficiently as it did when you first used your mobile device.

To prolong the lifespan of a lithium-ion battery, experts recommend shallow but frequent charging. This means that, instead of letting your battery drop to 20{a63d75b0ad78116a18b4aa18a840c1570624be95828a76ad070b4fa8337f8b21}, you plug it into the electric outlet between about 40{a63d75b0ad78116a18b4aa18a840c1570624be95828a76ad070b4fa8337f8b21} to 80{a63d75b0ad78116a18b4aa18a840c1570624be95828a76ad070b4fa8337f8b21}. Do not let your battery shut off because of power drainage frequently.

Remove Unnecessary App

You probably are excited to find and install apps on your mobile devices. There are thousands of apps available on Google Play and the Apple App Store for you to choose from. However, how many of those do you actually use?

Make it a habit to go through your apps and uninstall those that you do not regularly use. When the RAM or the storage is at full capacity, you may experience lag times. Before you decide to upgrade to a newer model which you think will run smoother, discard apps and other content that you no longer need.

Let Your Mobile Device Rest

You probably are used to having your smartphone or tablet running 24/7. However, just like any other electronic device, your handset needs a bit of rest, too.

Every once in a while, shut your mobile device down and stop yourself from turning it back on for a few minutes. This will keep the smartphone or tablet running smoothly and prolong its overall lifespan.

You do not really need to swap out your device for a newer model every year or after two years of use. As long as you take care of your device, you will be able to keep it running efficiently for a really long time and save hundreds of dollars in the process.