Key Performance Indicators In Performance Management Software

Modern organizational environment demands constant efforts to achieve and enhance performance and the business processes are aligned in such a way as to ensure that the employee goals are coordinated with that of the organizational goals and objectives. Rather than following the once a year appraisal method, which is considered both old school, a regular review system is better embraced by organizations. Performance management software is the solution that can be used to monitor and manage all the performance related issues.

For software to be functional, the need to identify certain key performance, indicators arise. These indicators are important, as they are relevant to both the employees as well as the organization. A performance management software crucial to organizational growth measurement because of the simple fact that at the organizational level, the growth indicators must be expressed in measurable numbers and such huge calculations cannot be done effectively through a manual system in place.

While it is impossible to ignore the importance of performance indicators for business success, the indicators are equally important for supervisors and employees to identify and define the growth indicators for team excellence. Aligning the employee objectives with the company strategies may also be possible through a software solution where the indicators can cascade from higher to the lower levels of hierarchy.

An individual employee goal can be linked to the organizational strategy through the following steps:

  • Identify Organizational Vision: To emerge as a high-level customer service and satisfaction provider in the market.
  • Identify Organizational Objective: Take effective steps towards reduction of the percentage of dissatisfied clients.
  • Identify Organizational KPI: Determination of the number of unresolved customer complaints at the end of every week.
  • Individual Employee Goal in a Team: Improve the percentage of customer complaint resolution on a weekly basis.

As per a popular saying in management practices, ‘what is measured gets done”, a performance software solution needs to have tools incorporated to identify and align the goals of the employees with that of the departmental strategy, and later with the overall organizational strategy.