How to create content for SEO

A good SEO ranking for your website is a result of a number of concerted efforts in the right direction that satisfies at least a large number of the 200 and odd estimated factors that prominent search engines like Google. Content has, is and would be one of the most important factors to bring, in traffic, to keep them interested and help in the conversion of interest into the sale of product and service. But, for this, it is important that the content developed for the website is done by employing the best practices that would ensure success in website development SEO.

Guidelines for SEO content writing

A great content that is SEO optimized  is one that   includes the following aspects

  • SEO writing Technique
  • A data-driven approach
  • On-page key optimization

SEO writing technique

This refers to content with a proper sentence structure, proper selling that is appropriate for the audience to whom the content is meant for, good grammar and engaging content.  The other important factors are that the content you develop has to be unique. Though the use of keyword is important for SEO content, it is important to ensure that the keyword is used as a seasoning and is not repeated often in the content to the extent it is boring for the reader to go through the content. Content with a minimum of 500 words on every page aimed at solving something specific for the reader can be considered ideal content.

Data-driven approach

This refers to writing content that serves as an answer to the questions and concerns that people have about certain things. Therefore,  the content you are developing should be able to address the concerns and questions of the collective minds of the people.

The key optimization

This refers to the title, use of unique keyword specific phrases at the right places and the use of images appropriately to make the page interesting for the reader.

However, what would be appealing or not is a very subjective factor and is a matter of a lot of trial and error.