How Easy is it for Crestron to Integrate with Sonos?

If you have an existing Crestron home automation system, or if you are looking to install a completely new system, and are worried about Sonos integrating with your Crestron system, then fear not!

Crestron systems are able to integrate with Sonos. In fact, Sonos and Crestron have recently worked together to collaborate to ensure the integration is as seamless as possible. Custom Controls are a company who has worked with both brands for a long time, and they say that both systems work well together with no hitches. For example, it is possible to launch the Sonos app on your iPad within Crestron, which means you don’t need to switch apps, making it more user-friendly. Similarly, using a Sire gateway, it is possible to integrate Sonos onto an existing Crestron panel.

We have found that using the Sonos ecosystem is a fantastic way to enjoy music on your property. It is possible for the user to gain access to iTunes, internet radio, and Spotify via the user-friendly interface.

Because Crestron and Sonos now go hand in hand, coupled with Crestron’s audio distribution, home entertainment is taken to another level. It is also possible to make use of Sonnex, which is a high-end premium audio distribution solution developed by Crestron. Sonnex is extremely powerful, adaptable and flexible. With this system, it is possible to group different audio channels together and calibrate rooms with the possibility of adding sub-woofers to audio zones.

It is also extremely scalable. For example, Custom Controls recently completed a project in Dubai where they were able to install 72 zones of audio – with each zone being able to enjoy a wide variety of different audio sources, including Sonos.

For example, in the Dubai project they completed, the client had a basketball court, which is able to demonstrate the incredible flexibility of the Sonnex system. Custom Controls installed four high-end outdoor speakers which were fitted to the pre-existing floodlights and then enhanced further by adding four sub-woofers to the court with one in each corner. With this, the user just selects a playlist on Spotify for example, adjusts the volume, and shoots some hoops. It is possible for other people within the garden to enjoy a different stream if they so desire.

The flexibility and the growing popularity of the Sonos system work incredibly well with the Crestron system, so it’s highly recommended you use both systems for your home. For more information, check out