Guide on Disabling Emoji WordPress

The emoji are a pleasant addition to our online communication replacing many words with one icon. You can express your feelings and support your content with more emotional intonations in the form of various symbols. In WordPress, there is a long list of smileys, people, foods, animals, and other icons which are beautiful, detailed and meaningful. But there are some reasons for which many users prefer to refuse from the cute pictures and disable emoji WordPress. And the most important one is the fact that they load a JavaScript file on every page of your site and cause its low loading.

What Does Happen with Speed?

The most users can get pretty mad when it comes to speed. And every time WordPress is updated, with a new release the new features and possibilities appear which are not always for the better. Thus, in WP 4.2 you can find the updates for additional emoji support. They are automatically loaded in the header of the website and there is no “one-click” method to remove them. You can say that it is not a big deal. But it is. The point is when it comes to optimization of a website, the emojis are unwanted. Why is it so? We are going to explain. Here even if you do not use emojis, a javascript file creates an extra HTTP request, and those additional options slow down the WordPress site. That’s the way it works. And that’s the reason why you are recommended to get rid of those funny icons.


  • It would be right to start by refusing the conversion of emoticons to graphical objects. You can do it in the WordPress dashboard. Click on “Settings” and find “Writing” in the list. The formatting settings appear and you should uncheck the “Convert emoticons like 🙂 and 😛 to graphics on display.”

  • Now disable that additional javascript file so that the HTTP request is not created. You can do it with help of the plugin known as “Disable Emojis.” It will not take a lot of time. Just go to the well-known WordPress dashboard and find “Plugins” there. Click on it and you will see the command “Add New”. In the list find “Disable Emojis”. Now click on “Install Now” and when it is done, you should activate the plugin. That’s it. The tool will do everything in a perfect way!

You can apply codes also but this way is longer and demands more activity. Anyway if you feel that the emojis prevent you from enjoying the WordPress website, you can solve this problem in no time and without any special skills.