How to Make a Great Webinar Presentation with ezTalks Webinar

A Webinar is an effective tool to engage with your audience one on one, irrespective of the size of your audience, but for a webinar to be effective, it has to be well planned, organized and well executed as well.

The question arises how to conduct webinar. A webinar involves creating a microsite, designing a landing page, selection hardware required to host a webinar such as speakers, mics, web-cams, suitable venue etc and running adequate trial runs prior to troubleshooting any issues prior to going live.

Selection of the right platform to create a webinar presentation is also highly important, with ezTalks Webinar leading the way as the best available platform for webinars free. Users can simply download, install, register for the free version and start their own webinars.

But to effectively reach out to your audience, there as some tips on how to make a great webinar presentation.

1. Offer Interesting Content –

A good webinar is always engaging, educational, informative and uses the good and interesting content. If the content is not interesting, the host might lose the attention of their audience who might sign off on the webinar due to lack of interest.

2. Using the Best Webinar Platform –

Selection of a wrong webinar platform can render a good presentation ineffective due to technical issues like bad audio or video, lack of interactive features which can render a good presentation hard to present. It is highly recommended to use ezTalks Webinar for hosting a great webinar as its feature-laden platform ensures a great webinar. It allows up to 100 participants in its free version and up to 500 in its paid premium version.

3. Grab Attention of Audience from the Get-Go

A good webinar needs a strong start such as beginning a webinar session with an interesting revelation or a compelling point and the host should display their ability or a product in a strong manner. It is important to offer the audience something compelling to encourage them to continue to listening and not sign off on the webinar during the webinar session

4. Properly Direct the Audience –

The host can use hand gestures or laser pointers to direct the attention of the audience to relevant topics and subjects to ensure that the attendees do no get lost or lose focus during the course of the webinar. Using slides, multimedia content also can help to get the attention of the audience.

5. Use more visuals and less Text –

An interactive webinar should contain more eye-catching multimedia content such as pictures, videos or animation instead of text in order to ensure maximum audience engagement during course of the webinar.

6. Do no use the same slide for a long period –

An audience can have a short attention span and talk about the same slide for a long time can lose the attention of attendees.