App Monetization Statistics

When searching through an app store, everything seems to have been developed already. There are thousands of free games options, helping to exercise, or saving money. Recently, however, new statistics have been published which show that there is still a great potential for growth. If you are considering an app monetization attempt, now is the time for the statistics to show.

In this article, we will be talking about some key app monetization statistics which will hopefully be useful to you.

Overall Global Revenue and In-App Purchases

It can quickly reach a global market when you develop an app, unlike other products. So you have to keep track of global revenue and in-app purchases.

Which channels bring the most revenue in a selected year?

Of course knowing which channels bring the most revenue is important in order to know which channel you want to invest in. Also you need to compare annual data to capture changes in trends for making future plans.


Tracking downloads from apps is actually one of the easiest ways to measure your app’s success, as you can see in plain numbers how many people are interested in your business or product enough to download your app.

Other statistics which can be helpful for your app monetization statistics are as follows:

1. Countries with the highest number of app downloads in selected years

2. Number of mobile app downloads worldwide

3. The app category people spend time the most

4. The most popular app, both iOS, and Android, by penetration

5. The age group that spends the most time on apps

6. The most popular app, both iOS and Android, by penetration

We hope this article is helpful for your app monetization statistics. If you want to be a publisher you can visit this site to learn more about business opportunities. Also if you want to examine a successful mobile advertising report, you can check here.