WiFi – A Simple Technology You Must Get Right for Your Business

Today we are going to use a vacation rental business as a prime example of how getting your WiFi technology right will ensure that you can run a successful vacation rental business. You can then use this case study and apply the concepts to your business. It may seem like the most obvious subject to cover, but be rest assured, so many people overlook this important asset in running any business.

This is, in fact, a guide we picked up from https://www.ldogify.com on their blog that explains how you can make sure the easiest technological factor to your vacation rental can help you ensure your vacation rental gets positive reviews and is attractive for those that need WiFi.

For a vacation rental owner or manager, finding a good, well-balanced list of amenities to offer is always an important step in creating a good experience for guests. Among the amenities that are most commonly provided in recent times is free WiFi. Free WiFi is not new by any means, but it is becoming less of an option for property owners.

More and more guests expect at least some level of internet connectivity to be offered nowadays, and the popularity leaves a few questions for those providing it, with the most important considerations being security and cost.

Cost and Restrictions

One important feature of internet use that has to be considered is that quotas for uploading and downloading aren’t free. An internet package comes with a certain limit that cannot be surpassed without the property owner or manager footing the bill to upgrade the plan. For many in the vacation rental business, setting a weekly limit for their guests generally solves the problem of over-use.

On one hand usage limits encourage guests to modify their internet use habits, and on the other, it creates the opportunity to charge for overuse. When guests know that streaming video and downloading large files is going to run their quotas down, they often choose to restrict themselves. When they do not, guests go over their limits knowing that they will pay a fee – money that goes towards keeping the internet connection fast for all the guests, for the entire month.


Another important issue to consider when offering a connection to guests is that it can be difficult to control what types of traffic end up passing through the hotel’s network. Illegal content is sometimes downloaded, and questionable sites are sometimes visited, and when law enforcement has questions regarding that illegal activity they come to speak with the manager or owner of the property.

Using a tool like OpenDNS which is a program that allows users to create complex keyword and content filters is one way to protect against certain types of content. Another thing that can be done is to create individual passwords for each guest and to have them sign a declaration that the hotel does not accept liability for internet misuse.

System/Network Maintenance

To maintain a solid network which is as secure as possible, vacation rental owners and managers should become accustomed to the way their router works. Instead of relying on third-party software to manage passwords and accounts, the option provided by the router give all the necessary tools for managing the network. Through the router network, names and passwords can be created and maintained. Encrypted channels can be set up and traffic can be analyzed.


There is no question that free WiFi should be offered by every vacation rental property that can provide it. Guests will often not even attempt to make contact when the internet is not available, so it is clear to see why staying connected is a must. To give guests what they require, while keeping usage practices legal and safe, all that is required is to follow a few ‘best practices’ when designing and implementing an on-site internet service.