What is DTH and why you need it

This article explains why a DTH connection is a must in every home.

Lately, the term ‘DTH’ has slipped into common parlance, and with good reason. A growing number of Indian homes are ditching the traditional cable TV connection and opting for DTH services.

What is a DTH connection?

DTH (Direct To Home) is a TV transmission technology that employs satellites to beam the channels to a receiving device fitted inside or near your home. It is a superior programming and TV broadcast technology offered by leading operators in India.

A DTH connection offers razor-sharp images, sensitive audio, a wide range of TV channels and easy purchase options. The DTH connection comprises of the following parts: your TV set, HD-compatible set top box, universal remote control that works with both the set top box and your TV set, and the dish antenna that is fixed at your window or on the roof/building terrace.

Why have a DTH connection?

As mentioned above, DTH offers an extremely superior alternative to the usual cable TV programming. Consider the important reasons to install a DTH connection in your home:

  • You get a mix of both SD and HD channels with DTH. Leading providers in India offer all the 50 HD channels that are currently being beamed in the country.
  • Leading providers offer HD-compatible set top boxes, so a separate setup box is not required to view HD. They also offer the same remote control for both the TV set and the set top box.
  • You get a high image resolution of 1920 x 1080 px for HD channels, and 720 x 576 px resolution for SD channels with your DTH connection. This is far superior to the resolution offered by cable TV.
  • DTH lets you choose the channels you wish to watch in various packages, and pay only for those. Most cable TV operators do not offer this kind of package feature – a bunch of channels are bundled together and presented to you, whether you want most of them or not. Thus, DTH offers a cost-effective solution while giving you the freedom to watch what you want and pay only for those channels.
  • The channels packs are attractively priced and there are many packs to choose from. You are sure to find one that suits your household the best. Besides, you have the option of changing the pack at a later date, when you do the DTH recharge

How to do the DTH recharge

  • Your DTH service provider will have an easy online interface to recharge the connection. You can use the service provider’s website, or smartphone app, or e-wallet, to do the recharge.
  • Access the e-wallet and look for the legend ‘DTH’. Under this, you will see a small form in which you must key in the DTH account number, name of the operator, and the recharge amount.
  • You have the option of browsing for new plans at this stage, instead of keying in the DTH recharge amount for the pack you are currently using. If you find a different plan that you like more, you can switch to a new plan and paying for it.