The Use of the Proper WordPress Plugin

A good word in your favor is always good to take and in business, the positive opinion often translates into hard currency.

Before buying a product or using a service, many people consult what other users have said. And if these other users have only good things to say about you, this will influence potential customers in a positive way. More than 90{69d371dc3a7215af1cf70e657e96c7414241106804c5daaddb02eee3606ab22c} of the people who buy on Amazon would never order an item with less than 3 stars. The difficulty here is to ask your users to leave an opinion on your products. And if we relied for this on the best extensions of opinion and customer testimonials? To know the answers read below or follow

Testimonials, WordPress

But before looking for an extension, you should know that it is also possible to add the testimonials to a site manually. In fact, it’s even the best way to do it if you have few testimonials to display and you have the programming skills you need. If not, you will need a plugin to do the work for you. Most of these extensions will help you collect testimonials, notes, and reviews on your homepage, sidebars, product page, order completion, and confirmation and thank you emails. And if your activity is based on testimonials and notes, you should definitely opt for a plugin that does this job for you.

If you take the trouble to go further, you will be able to use testimonials to improve your conversion rates, but also to multiply certified reviews on your online store and even use the WordPress for building a site focused on opinions and testimonials.

We will first see the best plugins to manage reviews on products, then those dedicated to customer testimonials and finally those specializing in ratings.

The best extensions for reviews

Let’s start with plugins that help you add reviews to your site. We will, therefore, review the free and premium extensions that allow customers and visitors to leave a few words on your site about the products or services you offer but also allow you to quickly drop a thumb up or a few stars.

WP Product Review comes in two versions

They are Lite and Premium. The extension adds an appealing review-box to the top of your articles and allows the user to post a comment in comment. It is compatible with Google Rich Snippets, which allows notices to appear on the Google search engine. It’s also possible to improve conversions by adding affiliate buttons for reviews.

If the Lite extension is a bit limited in functionality, you can do much more with the Premium plugin. You can have the review-box pretty much where you want using shortcodes. The number of reviews on the same page is unlimited. The opinion widget itself can be customized for color, size, and borders so that it best suits your theme. More than ten different icons, like stars and hearts, are available to record the votes. If you want to include a comparative table of products, it is possible too. The extension automatically generates comparison tables from existing reviews.

If you sell on Amazon, you will appreciate the integration of the plugin with this platform. It automatically transmissions the product tag, picture, affiliate link as well as the price from Amazon. Plus, if you’ve already collected reviews elsewhere, you can upload them to your site. Recent products or star products may be displayed as side widgets for better discernibility. Users can comment not only on the product as a whole but also on individual specifications. This can help a given user to choose a product that suits them perfectly which increases your conversions.