The simple tips for precise engraving

Engraving on different materials using a laser head is a very challenging task. Those who are new to this technology might think it requires extensive experience to create elegant designs on woods, leathers etc. But in today’s article, we will give you simple three tips which will help you to create stunning designs without having any flaws. Let’s dig deep and learn the proper use of laser engraver head.

Selection of the materials

The selection of the materials plays a vital role when it comes to precise design. For instance, if you try to engrave unique designs on damp wood chances are very high you will not get what you want. To avoid such problems it’s better to use dry solid blocks of wood. Those who are looking to engrave designs on leather must use light colour leather. In general, the designs made via laser head are not so prominent when it comes to dark colour leather. The best way to avoid such problems is to use a sample piece Instead of designing in the core materials, try things on a sample piece so that you know how things will look once you finish the overall procedure.

Using the laser engraver

In order to get a precise design on your selected object, you must use a quality laser engraver head. The professional prefers laser engraver controllable via PWM spindle signal, powered by 12- 24v mounted universally. It allows quick connections and helps the users to create precise designs. Things might sound little bit complex for the new users but if you go through the user manuals of the laser heads for CNC engraving, things will start to make sense. If necessary, feel free to contact Opt Lasers Grav and you can expect to get a clear solution to your problem from their specialized team.

Use of masking tape

Even after having the best laser engraver, some people often complain about burn mark in the woods and leathers. You can easily eliminate this problem by using simple masking tape since it works like absorber. The excess heat dissipated near the engraving area is easily absorbed by the masking tape thus it solves the problem of the burnt mark. But make sure you read the user manual of the laser head so that you can select the right power output to avoid excess burnings. Just take your time and test it one sample piece to avoid such problems.

Creating stunning designs on different materials has never as easier as it is now today. In the past, people used to think only the professionals are able to make engraving in woods and other different materials. But due to the recent advancement of laser engraving technology, you can easily craft different designs in different materials. Never think you the whole engraving process is a complex task. In fact, a non-technical person can easily master the perfect way to engrave unique designs. Just follow the above tips and you can expect to have elegant products with stunning designs.