Hot, hot, HOT! Stop your phone from overheating

Is your phone always warm to the touch? And does it get really hot at times? We explain how you can stop it from overheating.

Your phone is your lifeline to the world, but lately, you’re not enjoying using it as much as you used to. It feels warm all the time, and it is positively hot to the touch after you charge it. If you find your phone overheating all the time, you should take quick action about it. Here’s what you can do:

*This Video explains why a phone could get hot/warm.  Additionally, this Video explains how we can prevent/avoid phones from getting warm/hot.

* Disconnect Wi-Fi for a while. It’s often not taken too seriously, but the continuous use of Wi-Fi on your phone can actually heat up the device much faster. Periodically switch back to phone data to keep the phone temperature on an even keel.

* Gaming or video streaming for long can also cause the phone to overheat. Long periods of gaming can cause the phone to overheat. Even binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix can make your phone really hot.

  • Avoid direct daylight to your phone. whereas exploit it simply accessible is also higher for you, it’s terrible for your phone. Your phone catches lightweight and warmth from the sun and retains it, obtaining hotter the longer it remains within the sun. Avoiding direct daylight and warmth is the simplest way to stop warming your phone.
  • close up unused apps on your phone. Permitting apps you’re not mistreatment to run within the background drains the battery and will increase the warmth on your phone. On associate degree iPhone for instance, all you have got to try and do is just press your home button double and swipe the apps away. Closing these down not solely saves battery however additionally decreases however exhausting your phone works, that successively decrease heat.
  • Don’t flip your brightness up, purchase a glare screen. Simply constant as running background apps, turning your brightness up can force your battery to figure tougher. rather than turning your brightness up, purchase a glare screen. You’ll be ready to use your phone within the sun notwithstanding however bright it’s.

If you’re not doing any of the above but still find your phone getting warmer and warmer within minutes of use, then you need to have it checked at the authorized Motorola service centre. They can diagnose the problem with the phone and fix it before the device is irreparably damaged.