The Mamba Electric Grinder: A Herb Grinder For Those With Wrist Pain

Grind and dispense your most-reached-for herb easier and faster than ever before. Portable and lightweight, swiftly grind your favorite marijuana bud by the Mamba’s battery-powered sharp teeth.

Just load up to capacity in its all-aluminum metal head and its razor-sharp cutting teeth take care of the bud, no matter how sticky or oily, without clumping up.

The Mamba Electric Grinder gets all the hard work done, without the usual hand strain or cramp. Its easy-to-use Rocker Switch ensures a jam-free motion and therapeutic benefits for infirm hands with joint pain, limited mobility, and strength.

Disadvantages of Manual Herb Grinding

Most hand grinders require two-handed operation and can be difficult to turn if suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other hand mobility condition Рherb grinding can seem like an unfriendly world when you just want to enjoy a relaxing smoke.

Many are made of hard metals or plastics, making it difficult to use because they don’t have any ridges or grooves for your fingers to grip. The friction between the plates and the herb density can make it tough to turn, and many have smooth outsides that are hard to grab.

Even a manual weed grinder with handle is not well-designed for those who have trouble with manual dexterity.

Electric Herb Grinders vs Manual Grinders

Grinding your favorite product or material is meant to be part of the process to assist you to relax and enjoy life, therefore it’s only natural to seek one that doesn’t add needless complexity to the equation.

The way is forward over manual hand grinding is harnessing the power of small yet powerful and efficient gearbox motors in electric herb grinding. With a new battery and charging technology, hand grinders no longer offer any advantage over electric.

If you suffer from hand mobility or dexterity difficulties in using both hands for an activity like grinding herbs, an electric grinder offers you a whole new ability to enjoy the same grind you may have enjoyed in the past.

  • Electric grinders work on a similar principle to hand-held grinders BUT they use a motor to generate the power for grinding. There will be no more tiring of hands or strain of wrists
  • Electric hand grinders are more efficient and switching to electric will save you time and allow you to enjoy your herbs like never before.
  • A one-handed and press-a-button operation on electric grinders takes their simplicity of use to a whole new level
  • Electric grinders operate at a consistent speed, so there the end-result grind that they produce is very uniform and predictable ensuring a potent smoke
  • Well-designed electric herb grinders make it easy and accurate to share, pour and dispense ground material. Traditional hand grinders are wasteful as they have to be fully opened up to extract and pick out ground material

What Makes The Mamba Grinder Suitable For Those With Wrist Pain?

The battery-powered electric Mamba grinder offers all the benefits of modern portable cordless and powered herb grinding, and takes it further to provide you the perfect grinding experience without the pains, strains or groans.

The Mamba is perfectly weighted and fits comfortably in your palm. An ideal partner for anybody who has trouble with an old fashioned manual hand grinder.

Available in a range of colors, the Mamba grinder is lightweight and has a stylish eye-catching body and frame made of high-impact plastic.

For the occasional user, battery replacement models are available using batteries found in any general store. Alternatively, for regular users, a USB rechargeable Li-ion battery option makes sure the Mamba is always fully charged up at any convenient USB power socket.

Its Rocker Switch Tech grinds in both forward and reverse (left & right) directions. Just simply push the Rocker Switch, alternating directions to loosen up jams and clogging and to break up sticky or oily buds in the initial grinding process.

Once the bud has been broken up, the grinder can be simply pressed to one direction and it will fluff and grind the herbs, unlocking the full flavor and potency of your herbs.

Its grinding heads grind directly into a clear pouring spout for not waste and allows for controlled dispensing without touching of the now ground-up material.

Accessories are included to easily clean the separable heads and spout of the Mamba Grinder. Other extras include a half-funnel, a King-Size Cone Loader and packing sticks for users that enjoy the convenience of using pre-rolled cones.

Final Thoughts on the Mamba Grinder

So, if you are looking for an easy and efficient way to grind your herbs, pain and strain free, we highly recommend checking out the Mamba Electric herb grinder.

Not only will it make the grinding process faster and easier, but it will also help you avoid any of the disadvantages of manual hand grinders.