Increase Online Sales Through Ad Retargeting Campaigns

Marketers know selling through Facebook is possible. Your ad campaign can be very cost effective when it exactly follows the best practices and is executed right.

How should you serve ads?

There is always a way to quickly create an ad on the fly. This ad would be shown to your potential product buyers to reveal what your product is about. Through some well-designed algorithms, the product that is shown to these potential buyers would be exactly what they want.

There is more to this. There is a way to tell some online ad network platforms that a specific product on your eCommerce website has been selling the best. This way, it enables this product’s ads to only be displayed to users who have the highest potential to buy the product.

Ad retargeting

This whole concept is ad retargeting. Ad retargeting isn’t only a concept but has been put into practical use for many years. Ad retargeting has proved to work for many eCommerce businesses over the years.

The enhancement to ad retargeting is dynamic ad retargeting. You would use dynamic ad retargeting in the following scenario.

Your eCommerce store probably has many more products. Sometimes it may contain a few hundred products. Some online store may even have more than 10 thousand items.

The first step you need is to provide all the inventory information of all the products of your eCommerce site to the ad network that can enable the running of dynamic ad retargeting. With dynamic ad retargeting, it is going to create highly relevant product ads on the fly. Each product ad (created on the fly) would be displayed to the particular user who has the highest potential to buy the specific product.

The results

Under the right circumstances, retargeting with dynamic ads is a powerful ad campaign type that can convert many website visitors into sales for any eCommerce website.

Marketers should always test running dynamic ad retargeting ads through Facebook. The most work for running such an ad retargeting campaign is in the initial stage. In the beginning, the entire product inventory must be submitted to the ad network, and the ad campaigns must be set up to cover all your products.

Different ad creative must be created to cover each specific product. Alternatively, at least the creative should be created under some pre-designed rules. This will improve the relevancy of your ads that are served to the potential buyers.


Retargeting should be applied as a regular ad campaign type for your eCommerce website and products if your objective is to get sales consistently.