Setavap4 Automatic Vapour Pressure Tester

Stanhope Seta is the leading manufacturer within the laboratory instruments for control, analysis, and calibration industry – known throughout the world for designing and manufacturers the world’s greatest testing instruments.

Stanhope Seta is renowned for designing and manufacturing the world’s greatest quality instruments, these instruments are used to measure the physical characteristics that determine product quality and consistency, making it ideal for use within a large range of sectors and industries.  Within the Stanhope-Seta instrument range, it is incredibly easy to find perfect testing equipment for the hydrocarbons industry as well as many others – Making Stan-hope Seta stand out heads and shoulders above their competitors.

One of the most recent inventions from the company, and already a firm favorite amongst labs is the Seatvap4. This is one of the latest instruments available within the Stanhope-Seta collection, and it already being chosen on a daily basis, thanks to amazing reviews and testimonials from some of the world’s most favor laboratories.

Setavap4 Automatic Vapour Pressure Tester

Setavap4 Automatic Vapour Pressure Tester – The latest generation of automated movement piston-based technology from Stanhope-Seta, and one that is not going to be forgotten! In the short time that this instrument has been available on the market it has sold more than many of its long-standing competitors, and that is saying something.

The Setavap4 is rugged and compact making it highly versatile, perfect for use in both portable fields and laboratories. It boasts an 8.4” interface to guide the operator through the menu system and makes running tests easier than ever before. The Setavap4 stores all results internally, which can then be transferred for printing using a USB. It is also compatible with LIMS thanks to Ethernet and serial ports.

The Setavap4 holds the ability to report DVPE, RVP, EPA, and CARB calculations, using a fully automated test sequence that eliminates possible operator bias.


Due to Stanhope-Seta being such a large corporation that is showing no signs of slowing down, the company has a number of representatives in which people can contact for information regarding their products, such as Mindex. Mindex is one of Stanhope Seta’s leading representatives, able to provide information regarding their lab instruments, provide on-site support and so much more. What are you waiting for? If you have any questions about Stanhope-Seta of the Setavap4, get in touch with Mindex today, you won’t be disappointed with their customer service.