Perfect Gift for the Big Kid in Your Family – Your Husband

If you are married to a big kid who likes the latest gadget on the market and his birthday is coming around – here is the perfect gift for him. He will love this self-balancing scooter. It is designed to look like it is some gift from the future. Your big kid will just love it.


Here are some features of this scooter:

  • Self-balancing innovative technology for a safe as well as comfortable ride;
  • Perfect for navigation quickly on uneven city streets;
  • Hands-free controls;
  • Uses an 800-watt integrated battery that is rechargeable;
  • Maximum speed: 10 mph;
  • Maximum range: 12 miles;
  • Metal/plastic/vinyl;
  • Spot clean fabrics; frame wipes clean;
  • Measures 21.5 inches long x 10.3 inches wide x 37 inches high;
  • Weights 28 lbs;
  • Imported;
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Model 09992-00001.

The specific notes on this product include:

MiniPRO260 Self-Balancing Scooter is an innovative and safe way to move around comfortably and quickly. This personal transporter is hands-free, stays upright using self-balancing technology and is perfect for navigating uneven city streets.

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  • Free shipping.

There are also two other items that have the look of the future. These include:

Xprit Hoverboard and Hoverboard with Scooter – your big kid will love any one of these three items.

  • Max speed: 12 mph; last about 12 miles;
  • Time for Battery Charge: 2-3 hours until charged fully;
  • Maximum weight is 165 lbs; minimum weight is 45 lbs;
  • Quick and easy balance.


If your husband lives close to work this could take the place of a car for work. Would save on payment, gasoline, and other maintenance. It is also great for rides in the countryside, while you jog along, then you can switch going back. Or better yet why not buy two. These would be perfect for the park or countryside for an afternoon ride together; quality time.