Guide to creating Facebook Ads

You probably have heard that Facebook ads are dead or no longer relevant in 2021. The rise of other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat has changed the way people consume content online.

But does that mean pubblicità su facebook is ineffective for reaching your target audience? Despite all the changes, few things remain the same: the potential reach of Facebook for advertisers is massive. In 2017, the company had 1.9 monthly users, which escalated to nearly 3 billion in 2020. In this blog post, we’ll talk about tips to make your Facebook ads more effective:

Tips to generate Facebook ads:

1. Facebook Canva Ads

Most people are inclined towards the functionality of Facebook Canvas Ad but turned off by the seemingly time-consuming ad-creation process. Canva Ads help you with multiple videos, still images, text, call-to-actions, and other interactive collateral. But is it worth the time or not?

A 53{560972cb12bf88982ea35dafdb283615d250136babdbbc045f56c10ad44e5b57} of users find canvas ads more engaging and an average time spent per ad is nearly 31 seconds, which is impressive. The reason for this is that it blends several different ad types (carousel ads, video ads, single image ads, etc.) and helps to create a compelling story that keeps users engaged.

2. Carsouel Ads

Carousel ads are most used to display multiple e-commerce products or multiple features of a single product in a single, swipe-able ad.

These ads allow advertisers to add up to 10 images or videos with different CTAs in one ad.

3. Page Post Engagement Ads

A common problem faced by many businesses is that they get a fair amount of likes on their Facebook pages but struggle to reach the majority of followers.

Facebook posts limit the exposure of your organic ads. For instance: If you have 100 likes on your pages, the chances are that only 20 or so of your followers will see that post. Post engagement ads provide you a solid fix. By running engagement ads, you expose your content to an audience who already like, comment, and otherwise interact with it.

4. Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video ads are a popular choice because audiences who view videos are more likely to purchase than non-video viewers. The setup process of these ads is quite simple as setting up an image ad.

There’s no limit to the length of your Facebook video ads; these can go up to 240 minutes long. Hence it is recommended to keep them short and engaging. Adding captions or creating captioned video ads is an important factor to increase video view time by an average of 12{560972cb12bf88982ea35dafdb283615d250136babdbbc045f56c10ad44e5b57}.

5. Facebook GIF Ads

The basic concept is that the shorter a video, the higher the chances for prospects to stick around for the entire thing resulting in a better engagement rate. Why you have to create a 5-10 min long video when you can evoke the reaction you’re looking for in less than 10 seconds? Graphics Interchange Format (GIFs) are short video format that plays on a loop but requires less amount of time and resources to make it.

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