Find and Connect with Your Target Audience on Instagram

One of the most impressive social sites for businesses today is Instagram. It’s personal, visual and full of brand personality. To get the best results, understanding how to use Instagram to expand your reach is crucial for success. Following are 5 tips that will help you find and reach your target audience on Instagram.

1. Clearly Define Your Audience

Chances are that your target audience is more diverse and more extensive than you think. This is great news since it basically means more opportunities to get real Instagram followers and generate income. This also means that you’ll need to put together different strategies for unique user persona types. Clearly defining your target audience (s) will help you build a solid foundation from which you can create and promote all your Instagram content.

2. Expanding Your Reach

Once you’ve defined and segmented your target audience and have learned what they care about, you’ll need to do what it takes to reach them, including the following.

Use Instagram’s Hashtag Follow Feature

This is a great feature that makes it possible to discover more new users and for more users to learn about you. If you use hashtags and post high quality, engaging content, Instagram will reward you. How? By helping you show up in the home feeds of your target audience on Instagram, even those that don’t follow you yet. That’s a remarkable benefit!

Track Which Tactics Generated the Most Engagement

Constantly take the time to identify the content (photos, videos) and/or campaigns that are producing the most likes, share, etc., and use the information as a guide for creating future content. If something’s not working, fine-tune it or move on. Putting together a content calendar based on what you’ve learned about your target audience on Instagram can be a useful strategy as well. You can add or delete from your calendar over time as you identify which practices work and which don’t. Before you can create an effective content calendar, you’ll need to figure out what has worked in the past, and what’s not worth wasting your time on.

3. Invest in a Good Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencers can help you gain access to the communities, and possible buyers, that you are not reaching today. Before you reach out, define your main objective, including what you hope to gain from the collaboration? Do you want them to help drive more sales? Boost brand awareness? All the above? What does a successful outcome look like to you? Whatever your objective is, be sure to clarify it so you can build a strong foundation for all aspects of your marketing campaign.

4. Track Performance

It’s important to track your performance to make sure that you achieve your goals. You’ll want to determine which metrics are relevant when it comes to calculating your campaign. For instance, you can track post-performance, including hashtag usage, comments, etc., listening and analyzing on a regular basis. The conversation will change as your target audience on Instagram changes, especially as it grows.

5. Determine the Best Days/Times to Post

The best days and times to post on Instagram have been reported to be Wednesday at 3 PM, Thursday at 5, 11, 3 to 4 PM, and Friday at 5 AM. When it comes to how often to post, studies have shown that consistently posting 1 to 2 times a day is ideal.

Maintaining a success driven brand presence isn’t possible if you’re not connecting with your ideal target audience on Instagram. Putting what you learn in this article into action will help you grow an engaged, thriving community that will generate real results.