Features of the Best Samsung TV

Samsung is a predominant force in the TV business with its range of LCD and QLED sets commanding the market’s attention with cutting-edge innovation and charming designs. We have taken the time to investigate what 2018 has offered, to enable you to choose which set to purchase. There are a lot of new features coming to Samsung’s QLED and LCD TVs. This includes ambient mode, invisible connections, and a new backlight. Let us closely look at each of these features.

Ambient Mode

If you have since a long time ago wished that your TV would just seamlessly blend with your living room, then the ambient mode is for you. When in ambient mode, your TV screen will duplicate the wall behind it whether it is mounted or not. However, the effect will better if you have your TV on the wall. Wallpaper, brickwork, paint, wood are just about any surface can be displayed on the screen.

To start with, take a picture of your wall and send that to your TV. The screen would then be able to emulate your stylistic theme, color, and brightness. This innovation is regularly combined with the new invisible connection and the ever-shrinking bezels. Continuously, this implies Samsung TVs can go unnoticed when they aren’t turned on. On the other hand, the ambient mode can display newsflashes, the weather or your own customized photos.

Invisible Connection

In addition to the ambient mode, the invisible connection feature is Samsung’s method of making its TVs as inconspicuous as possible. None of the HDMI or USB ports are on the TV itself, rather, a thin clear wire connects the TV to a different box housing the connections. This implies you will not have any unattractive cables descending from your TV. Instead, you have a more prominent variety about where you put your connected devices.


If you have a Galaxy smartphone then you’ll be comfortable with Bixby. Samsung’s voice-assistant is presently making the move TVs, and it is incorporated with all the QLED TVs and the 8 Series. You’ll have the capacity to use Bixby to control your TV. Everything from scanning for specific programs to opening applications can easily be done by speaking into the remote.

Smartphone Setup

As opposed to fiddling with the buttons, you can instead use your smartphone to set up the TV. Downloading the SmartThings application on a smart TVs allows you to use your phone to control the TV. Moreover, you can input any details the TV needs, such as your email address and password for your TV account.  With your consent, it will also duplicate the password for your Wi-Fi and any applications you have on your phone that are also on the TV. This means that you do not need to enter the same information over and over for every application.


Any of these features is what you want to experience after buying a TV set. Just consult your salesman for the best TV set. Otherwise, you should visit CompareRaja if you want to compare various Samsung TVs.