Everything You Should Know About Digital PR

What Is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a branch of Public Relations that prioritizes blogs, influencers and any online publication with the hopes of positively influencing a target demographic and improving their online presence.

This is a sales tactic that is predominantly employed by brands where it is crucial for the business to grow and maintain an effective online presence. This can be achieved bydeveloping strong relationships with online journalists and major content writers to gain citations or high-quality backlinks. Says Akshat Thapa from www.newswirenext.com.

If carried out efficiently and in an effective way, Digital PR is capable of increasing your overall SEO rankings, building an overall optimistic reputation for your business, and successfully getting your target audience to engage actively with your website.

What Agencies Offer Digital PR?

There are essentially two kinds of agencies that offer Digital PR; Traditional PR and SEO agencies.

The former is predominantly focused on acquiring substantial coverage and news for their clients. This encompasses online publications that have now taken over print media such as the daily newspaper.

Whereas the latter, SEO agencies, tend to offer Digital PR as a source of support for their SEO strategy. Says www.edcalmedia.com.

What is common between both these agencies is that they have one set aim of fixating their clients in the public eye, in front of online audiences. However, an added benefit with SEO agencies is that they will put forth a Digital PR strategy that will emphasize your SEO efforts.

How Does One Measure Digital PR Success?

Quantifying the overall influence of a certain piece of coverage has always been a struggle when it came to Traditional PR. However, with the advent of Digital PR, everything has been simplified; all that is online can be efficiently tracked and monitored.

Other than that, you can employ several different tools to gauge the success of your coverage. These include the following:

  • SharedCount indicates as to how many times a specified URL has been shared across major social platforms.
  • Google Analytics allows you to look at spikes in traffic generated by a specific piece of coverage.
  • With CoverageBook, you can organize all your coverage and pull out helpful statistics e.g. the average domain authority.

What Can Be Considered Quality Digital PR Coverage?

A wise person once said, “There is no such thing as bad publicity”. Well, that person certainly knew what he was talking about. While this is true in some respects, any link or mention of your brand across the internet will enable Google to categorize your website as one with a robust domain authority. Just be sure to let Google know of your renunciation of the links that bring in bad publicity.

Always go for well-known, trusted websites that have a high level of authority while getting your leading PR story out to the press. Make sure that the site you choose has some connection to your brand as that will ensure a substantial engagement with the audience.

How Does Digital PR Help Me?

Digital PR needs to provide your SEO strategy with sound support. The former accompanies an added benefit of positively positioning your brand as a leader in their market sector. This, in turn, generates substantial relevant leads to your website.

Bottom Line

It is no doubt that the digital and the PR worlds are constantly changing. The main point to take out of this conclusion is that these changes will inevitably prove beneficial to all of us; the practitioners, the clients, and the customers. Newfound digital strategies are working collectively to bring additional awareness and a certain value to the brands.