A Brief Discussion about Low Moisture Analyzer for Plastic Pellets and Powder

Moisture analyzer measures the moisture content in solids, liquid, and gases. Trace moisture measuring is required for manufacturing and process quality assurance. For food production, moisture content is also monitored. Even on the production of plastics, pharmaceuticals, and heat treatment processes, the trace moisture content in solid is regulated. Earlier processes like a loss on drying (LOD) and Karl Fischer Titration were used to analyze the moisture content.

This day’s digital moisture analyzers are much more advanced and accurate than manual moisture analyzers. There are different types of moisture analyzer depending on your need. For example, there are moisture analyzers for plastic pellets, which will measure the amount of moisture present only in the plastic. Samples like plastic pellets after drying and powder can be analyzed using the device. This modern day’s moisture analyzers are very much sense in analyzing the correct result.

The results of moisture analyzer have a very high precision of 0.1 milligrams and the moisture reading of 0.001{69d371dc3a7215af1cf70e657e96c7414241106804c5daaddb02eee3606ab22c}. The level of accuracy is very high in these modern digital moisture analyzers. There are renowned brands of moisture analyzers like DSC [Moisture and Fat Analyzers], Denver Instruments, Arizona Instruments, Mettler Toledo, A & D Engineering, Radwag, Omnimark, and Sartorius.

The products of these reputable brands can be found on the website like http://www.dscbalances.com. These companies are famous for manufacturing the moisture analyzers to the highest standards. The equipment they manufacture use the latest technology for friendliness with the first time users. There is a ‘self-help’ unit for plastic resin and much more alternatives.

After the laboratory installation and application of moisture analyzer, parameter determination must be provided. If you face any problem after using the moisture analyzer, you can get technical help from the store (from where you are buying the product) or the manufacturing company. This product is very easy to use and much more user-friendly, which comes at an affordable price. There are multiple accessories which you need, to run this moisture analyzer. The accessories include printers, sample pads, special computer interface software and aluminum dishes which must be provided by the store.