Technology reshaping hospitality industry

Advancement in technology is always make thing easier for human beings. By the help of technology human being improve the working of many business models. It will provide help to human beings to do their work quickly and efficiently. This will help them to complete their work on time with zero error. Because due to the advancement of new technology most of the work done through automation processes which reduce the chance of error in processing. The same kind of services technology is providing in the hospitality industry which will change their working style. A new app is introduced in the hospitality industry with the name of iLobby. This app will help in the registration management system @iLobby.

In the past, we see very limited services provided by hotels and these kinds of apps are not introduced in the hotel industry. But now the scenario is changed the more services a hotel is provided to its customer the more chances that he will be in profit. Now people start traveling a lot so he needs all basic services to make their stay comfortable. That’s why now the hotel industry is more focused on good service facilities.  Now they will provide all the facilities under one room. They have a swimming pool and other facilities within the rooms of their hotels.

These apps just not only help you to find good accommodation but also help you to plan your budget for your trip. These apps will also provide room rates and pictures of hotel rooms as well.


So what is iLobby essentially it is a registration check-in program which is utilized in hotels nowadays. Now the client did not need to connect with the assistant he basically can do hotel registration himself through this application and get his room key from the reception.

The working of this app is like that customer came and adds his details in with the help of a laptop or any other device. At that point, app clicks his picture and sends it to the server which guides that image to the front counter. When that client went to the secretary he will give him they require services which he referenced in the application.


The advantage of this application is that your worker on the reception of the hotel lobby can do different things at that time. Which they will spend while conversing with that client. At that point, the client feels great while including his own details which he won’t want to be missing utilized by some individual. Because their personal information is not shown to anyone so he can enter them freely. This app has the option of different languages because we know there are different visitors from different countries will stay in hotels. So this feature will cause ease for them to fulfill the required information easily.

Apps like these in hotel industry making it simpler for people to work yet increasing the competition level in term of facilities. Every company tries to provide its customer with the best facilities so they will not prefer their competitors over them.