How Is Cryptocurrency Changing Online Gaming?

The blockchain is changing the Internet and beginning to bear fruit via novel cryptocurrency games. If you’re not living under the rock, you must have heard of Crypto-Kitties.

CryptoKitties were ground-breaking in 2017 but had more flaws than the way Mr Zuckerberg sips water in front of the U.S. Congress. Move aside CryptoKitties, there are new dogs on the block: Coin Dogs!

Picture a game where you can make cryptos while you sleep. Imagine being at work and checking your phone to see new payments deposited into your wallet.

In Coin Dogs you race and breed virtual dogs for fun and profit using Litecoin. You can race your dogs on autopilot day and night against other virtual dogs. When other players breed your dogs, you earn passive income to your wallet.

You are a virtual entrepreneur. You are a digital tycoon magnate and the money you earn is real. Breed your dogs for speed. Breed them for profit. You can even buy them outfits and accessories to make them more attractive than your competitor’s dogs.

You aren’t breeding cute Bambi. You are breeding your own virtual Hercules that is totally unique. You become your own DNA engineer as you explore 6 trillion genetic possibilities to create the fastest virtual racing dog in the game. One that no one else has.

Your dog’s performance on the racetrack is influenced by the dog’s DNA, age, experience, mood, and even lunar phase.

Coin Dogs game racing is free of any fees. Dogs can even race automatically on autopilot without your presence.

Pixel Cloud’s earnings (the company behind Coin Dogs) is only limited to breeding fees, sales of new dogs and accessories. They take security seriously and they won’t pull a ZUCKERBERG on you by profiting from your private information.

Addictive and unique gameplay

The ability to breed unique dogs with special traits introduces scarcity, which increases the perceived price of those collectable dogs. Because of the interactive social nature of the game, different breeds will become desired among players seeking both financial and social value.

Coin Dogs’ racetrack aspect is the first of its kind in cryptocurrency gaming. Users can enter their dogs in racing events with a Litecoin entry fee, and the top dogs in each race earn profits. Characteristics like experience, mood, DNA, and age affect a dog’s racing time, so the element of chance is always there.

With a player-to-player game, the social part is a vital factor in players’ entertainment. The Coin Dogs platform allows users to display their best dogs for social capital, popularity, and breeding interest.

How to Get Started Playing

During Coin Dogs’ gradual rollout, users can join the game using signup codes. These codes must be sent from another existing player.

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