How IP Phones Are Helpful In Business Communications

An IP phone or VoIP phone enables telephone communication over an IP network by utilizing voice over IP technologies. Unlike conventional phones that use telephone network of public switched nature, these phones leverage the qualities of an IP network such as an internet. Use of IP phones over the conventional phones have brought in the much-needed advancements in business communication in terms of quality as well as cost-effectiveness. Explained here is how.

a. Busy light

IP phones like Grandstream GXP1625 IP Phone offer you an automated way of knowing who is available or not available for a discussion or even a small call. This phone displays the information about ‘busy’ users by indicating light against their name. Thus, you can make your attempt of calling and communicating with other people at the premises successful without wasting time on sending SMS, or making calls and waiting for them to pick.

b. 3-way conferencing

Having more than two people on the board to discuss something is a common affair at the office. That is why; a 3-way conferencing system where adding more people to the conversation is an easy affair is a relevant feature to look forward to.

c. Voicemail to email transcription

VoIP phones allow voicemail to email transcription using which a person can get all the voicemails in the form of text in a preferred email ID. This helps a person savor the content of the voicemail leisurely and have all crucial information saved in an email account too.

These are a few very unique features available in office PBX systems, such as Grandstream IP PBX Systems which are leveraging the benefits of IP telephony to the enhancement of communication scope in business environments. There are lot many features also, in addition to these and have certainly raised the bar for the business communication systems’ performances.