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Playing DM is very effective for improving shooting. Often play DM or training cards from the Steam Workshop (aim_botz, etc.). For the csgo boost you can have the best details here.

Hyde: How to improve shooting?

  • Always play Prime Matchmaking  to avoid cheating by opponents
  • Discard the Dust 2 card
  • Learn the positioning of the sight. Always keep your sight at the level of the enemy’s head
  • Learn the names of all the positions on the cards on which you play to give information to teammates
  • Do not say something in clutch situations (rounds when the enemy is in a large numerical superiority)
  • Never criticize or insult teammates
  • Never underestimate an opponent, even if you win
  • Never recharge if you are unsure of your safety
  • If you are tired just stop playing

Team Actions:

Always act with the team. Do not play alone. Do not say that there is an attack on Plent A or B if you saw a flying flash or smoke. If you saw 3 enemies on A or B, do not say that all enemies are on A or B.

Always buy pomegranates whenever possible. Play passively for Counter-Terrorists, except for eco-rounds.

  • If you do not play for the Terrorists too passively.

Make sure that you and the teammate do not look at one point on the map. Always cover the one who puts the bomb. If you are placing a bomb, tell me what position you are placing it at. If all together make a point for the Terrorists, try to get around and kill opponents in the back. Always check the economics of your teammates. Buy only when everything is purchased. Always make eco the whole team. If you knock out the plenty, do it from different angles. If you are left alone for a CT scan against the Terrorist, act together.

Round procurement instructions:

  • Your round purchase plays a crucial role.


Round 1: USP / P2000 + body armor Round 2: if you win, buy UMP + body armor + smok / flash / HE if you lose – P250 / Deagle + body armor 3 round: if you lose 1 and (or) 2, do full eco If you won 2 the first rounds without bombing by terrorists, if you survive, drop UMP / M4 to your teammates, if you die ask for a drop. If you win the first 2 rounds with the bombing, the whole team buys M4.


Glock + body armor Round 2: if you win, buy UMP + body armor + smoke / flash / HE if you lost 1 round with a bomb, then full eco-loss lost 1 round without a bomb, buy Tec9 + body armor/body armor with a helmet/flash/ HE Round 3: If you won both first rounds, leave the gun and buy SMG. If you lose 1 and / or 2 round, buy AK-47