6 Wonderful Kid-Friendly Android Apps for 2022

Searching for the right smartphone app that can, both, keep your child entertained and productive, is not an easy thing to do. The Google Play Store and iOS App Store are filled with an unlimited variety of apps that are appealing to the eye but the majority are actually a waste of time.

Thus, we are here to aid you, as we have compiled a list of some of the most promising Android apps that you may allow your child to enjoy without having to supervise them. Your maximum involvement in the matter would be to subscribe to services like the ones offered in AT&T Internet deals to provide them with connectivity. And that too may be easily acquired in the AT&T bundles offered across the United States.

Read below to find about these amazing Android apps in a little detail.


ABCmouse is an extensive learning experience for your child to benefit from inside the palm of their hand. Specially designed for toddlers and preschoolers, the app enables them to learn subjects like math, reading, art, and several others.

The app covers the standard United States academic curriculum, thus may be relied upon completely. Moreover, the app also features an incentive system where the child may buy exciting virtual prizes with the points they earn.

My Very Hungry Caterpillar

If your little one is in love with the playful characters of The Very Hungry Caterpillar™ by Eric Carle, then you are in luck. This engaging world is now available on Android as well. My Very Hungry Caterpillar gives your child the experience of raising a caterpillar from the time it hatches.

This, your child may do, with the help of a variety of activities, where counting, memory, sorting, and several other skills are polished to the max. As they move forward in the game, the caterpillar grows until it finally transforms into a magnificent butterfly.


Even though this app is not specifically for children, it is more than capable of keeping your child entertained while they learn. The app offers an engaging interface where your child will be able to learn different languages from all over the world with mini-games.

The languages covered in this app include English, Spanish, French, Russian, and several others. Not only will your child learn basic vocabulary and grammar of different languages, but they will soon be speaking foreign languages fluently.

Lightbot: Code Hour

Programming is among the highly desired skills in the world these days. Thus, getting your child started early on the right path is vital. Fortunately, this sensational app allows you to give them the perfect head start.

Lightbot: Code Hour is designed to inspire an interest in coding in children at an early age. The game lets the children understand fundamental programming concepts with the help of small puzzle games. Concepts such as loops, sequences, procedures, and several others are explained efficiently in this game. Furthermore, the game may also be played in several foreign languages other than English.


Another exceptional app that can help refine your child’s vocabulary, grammar, math, memory, and various other concepts is Quizlet. The app offers an efficient learning system where your child will be able to benefit from millions of flashcards created by students all over. And if they want, they may create flashcards of their own, and contribute back as well.

Moreover, they offer several other teaching methods in different learning modes. Here, they will find textbook solutions, timed modes, language translations, and writing modes to further polish their mental skills.

PBS Kids Games

Finally, we end this list with one of the most beloved children’s TV networks in the United States – PBS. And PBS has yet again brought another amazing educational app that teaches different skills to children with a little help from their favorite TV show characters.

Your child will now always be excited to learn new educational concepts when characters like Daniel Tiger and Curious George are the ones teaching those concepts. Here, you can hope your child to improve their reading, mathematical, and scientific skills improve at the desired pace.

In a Nutshell

Getting your children excited about learning is not an easy feat. And sometimes, you have to trick them by disguising the learning process in the form of games. And these games can do that for you flawlessly.