5 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Security in the Office

Technology made businesses more vulnerable but also provided a way to make it more secure. There are several innovative approaches, including those mentioned below, which will make it possible to create a more secure workplace. They can be beneficial not only in terms of safety but will also help improve productivity, and even cut down costs.

1. Use Visitor Management Software

With the help of programs like Greetly, visitor registration can be automated, and the office can be more secure. Basically, what it does is that it streamlines the check-in process of the guests. A tablet or computer will be used to retrieve information from the visitors, as well as their pictures and signatures. Depending on the software that you are using, it may even allow certain people to be blocked from entering the office premises.

2. Install a CCTV System

When people see that there is a CCTV system in place, they can be more confident about their safety. Among others, it can be a crime deterrent. Criminals may think twice in breaking in or doing anything untoward within the office premises when they know that they are being monitored by cameras. It can also help in the collection of evidence that can aid in the investigation when a crime has been committed.

3. Set-Up Multi-Factor Authentication

With the use of cloud technology in the office, a lot are concerned about information security. Data breach is one problem that should be addressed. With this, if you are using Office 365, you will benefit from their multi-factor authentication, which will prevent access to confidential information. When logging in, the users will be asked to provide more than their username and password. It requires another layer of security by asking proof of identification from the user.

4. Use Remote Access

Basically, remote access will make it easy for business owners or office managers to take full control even when they are away. For instance, they can use their mobile phones to be immediately alerted when someone tries to break in. They can receive instant notifications when there is unauthorized access. Once a suspicious activity has been detected, they can immediately call the concerned authorities or automatically set up the lock in such a way that the person who enters will not be able to leave the premises. Now, that is one good way to set up a smart office!

5. Install a Biometric System

Most of the large offices these days are equipped with a biometric system in the main entrances to be able to record the attendance of their employees. It uses fingerprints to log-in the employees, making it possible to determine when they arrive. Alternatively, it can also be used for office security. Those who are not registered in the system will not be able to enter the office premises.

From using an esignature app to installing a biometric system, this post tackled some of the best ways to embrace technology in the office. By doing these things, you can have peace of mind.