Music Maniac Pro APK Download

Music MP3 downloader is an app that allows the user to download MP3 songs directly to There Android device so that one can listen without any Internet connection most of the music downloading apps on chaos and huge data engorged.

Music Maniac Pro
Music Maniac Pro

But Music Maniac provides an easy way of downloading MP3 songs. Most of the songs on Music Maniac are free, unlike other music apps where you have to pay for each and every song you download.

Music Maniac Pro APK Download

How to install

  • Download the app Music Maniac Pro.
  • The app will be in file manager
  • Tap on the setup of the app
  • Agree on all the terms and condition
  • The app is installed
  • Now type the name of artist or song whose from you want to listen or download in the search box and enter
  • Music Maniac will provide all the appropriate result from the database of the search


Features of Music Maniac:

  • The license of Music Maniac is free
  • The operating system on which it works is Android
  • Version it works is 2.2.x and up lines
  • Music Maniac fall in the category of download manager
  • Music Maniac is in 14 + languages
  • The creator of Music Mania is Rag Ex
  • The security level of Music Mania 78%
  • It falls under the category of safe app
  • The total number of permissions required are 7
  • Size of Music Maniac is 1.5MB
  • The quality of the song are quite good


Music Maniac Pro is an upgraded version which provides various features. Some of the features are:-

Download: –  one can download the desirable song

Record: – music Mania provide an exclusive feature of recording

Convert: – it also provide a unique feature of conversion

Transfer: – once you have purchased a song you have a feature that allows you to transfer the song

That’s with this exciting features that Music Maniac provides us we can have thousands and thousands of songs on Android. Without thinking about the safety and unavailability of the song that we want a particular movie or artist. Some of the above features we can only find in music Mania.

Music Maniac providing the ultimate and out of world experience for the user that help them to persuade their music love over a long period of and variety. Moreover providing a huge variety of song widen the song interest of the user. The total compare feature of Music Mania is a lot more than the regular music app. Music Maniac is it the junction of ultimate music that a music lover would love to have.

Music Maniac Pro APk provides a unique set off all the music from English to Hindi, from typical Bollywood to Indian regional. A perfect package for all. So whenever you can’t find a song of your choice which you want to hear feel free to download Music Maniac.