MovieBox For iPhone or iPad Direct Free Download 2016

Movie Box is more than an iPhone application that would let you watch free movies online or videos on your Apple iOS devices for free. If you are an android phone user, most probably you came to know about Showbox application. The Moviebox is the clone of Showbox for iOS devices, through which you can easily watch and download all your favorite movies completely free of cost. Also, check out the free movies apps for android phone to stream or download films.

Download MovieBox For iPad or Apple iPhone

We have over two distinct ways to get Moviebox for iPhone without jailbreaking. Through this method you can explore the Moviebox, make sure you have active data connection before you move on. Apart from that, you don’t need any special requirement to get moviebox for iPad or iDevices. If you want to download movies, you can check out some of the free movie download sites to get your desired films.

Let’s dive in!

Method 1. How To Get Moviebox For iPhone and iPad

You don’t need to be an expert to get the MovieBox application fro your iOS devices. With just a few taps you can succeed in the installation. I’ll let you know,

Step #1. First off, visit vShare website and download and install the app on your iPhone.vShare website and download and install the app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Once you have installed, open the vShare and search for “Moviebox” in the upper right corner of your smartphone screen.

Step #3. Click on the downward arrow button to download the MovieBox app for iPhone or iPad.

Step #4. Once you’d downloaded, you can see the MovieBox icon on your iPhone menu.

Yahoo, you have successfully installed movie box for iPhone without any hassle. If you still aren’t able to figure out, move on to the next method to get movie box for iOS. Also, read about the Apple iPhone Facetime Data usage report.

Method 2. Download Moviebox App For iPad or iPhone

It is a quite old way to get movie box for iPhone. Let’s get started.

Step #1. First, change your phone date to August 2014.

Step #2. Now you have changed, Get movie box for iOS 6 and below here and iOS 7 and later here.

Step #3. Now click and trust and install the application on your iPhone.

If you are not able to install the Moviebox on your iPhone, if you are getting the error messages like ” it can’t be fixed now” or “you can’t install this app” then you need to jailbreak your iPhone to install the apps.

With these methods, you don’t need to do circus to get the MovieBox app on your Apple iPhone. Just follow as mentioned above, you’ll get the app on your mobile phone completely free without even jailbreaking..


These are the most recommended and trusted ways to get movie box for iPhone or iPad without any hassle. If you are not able to install the movie box app on your iOS device, better you jailbreak and try it might work.

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