LeapDroid Review: Best Android Emulator For Computers

When it comes to Emulators, they are certainly not new to Android platform. There copious amount of emulators available on the internet for running console or PC games on your Android device, or the opposite, which is running an Android games on your PC.

LeapDroid is the newest emulator in the market that has been publicly released, and the developers behind LeapDroid claims that it is the fastest Android emulator in the world.

These Android emulators have been upgrading its performance since they first started to appear, and FPS is getting insanely smooth with each update or release. These types of emulators can be used in various ways, either for playing Android games or running/testing Android apps on your PC using an emulator like LeapDroid.

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LeapDroid Review: Why You Should Use?

LeapDroid is the latest on the list of Android emulators that can run Android apps on Windows PC. It needs a virtual machine to run the whole Android OS inside Windows with very high performance and responsive. It instantly turns a PC into a very powerful Android tablet.


However, developers behind LeapDroid claims that their emulator is the world’s fastest emulator in comparison to other emulators in the market, this is because emulator boasts a “unique LeapGL and Virt Fiber I/O technologies ” to run native Android apps & games. Currently, the emulator runs Android 4.4.4 which is compatible with both x86 and ARM-based application and games.

The LeapDroid also include features like GLES 1.1 & GLES 2.0 support, Windows Direct X engine rendering, Host OpenGL, Host IME support, Key mapping, text copy and paste between Android and host PC, Shared Folder between your device and emulator, GPS mapping, GPS Keymapping and multi-language KeyBoard support.

To install any app or game into LeapDroid user just have to drag and drop the downloaded zip file into the emulator. The emulator supports the fullscreen resolution, or you can set custom resolution using -w and – h options.

If you’re a huge of Pokemon GO, this emulator is perfect for you as developers have provided support for games like Pokemon GO which run in the emulator and also has a feature called Auto-walk and Auto-catch Pokemon which can help a user to be Poke Master at the end of the day.

If a user is facing trouble while installing apps or games in the LeapDroid, then the user can visit LeapDroid.com/apps where they can find some favorite apps to download. The user just has to select ‘Download app for PC’and then run it the for installing the app on the LeapDroid. There are some upcoming features which will include GLES v3 support.Besides drag and drop APK installation, the app also has a feature which supports streaming through OBS (Open Broadcast Software). It means that using LeapDroid will be able to stream live gameplay to Twitch, from within the emulator itself.

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The emulator is well-built and runs efficiently. There also is no bloatware installed in the emulator, and the installed apps can be easily removed. The user experience is very familiar to stock Android, which many users prefer to love.leapdroid-android-emulator-1

The key mapper functionality is very useful for especially for games like Racing games, Simulation games, Arcade games, Strategy games, etc. which help the user to set any desired key for a particular function in the match.The emulator has a sidebar which is an essential feature that gives you instant access to key buttons, even if the user is running any apps or games. It also has shortcuts to screen capturing and the key mapper.

The official website of the emulator has some tutorials to guide the user for setting up the Google Account and installing the app in the LeapDroid. The website also has a Help Desk page that should answer users most questions. There is also a forum thread which will take to XDA forum if any user wants to discuss or share more in-depth issues with developers and members on the thread.

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LeapDroid supports audio/video input and output for playing movies, music or recording music, and voice. The emulator has set of power user tools, and advanced users tools support which is helpful for app developers to do things like debugging, testing, and installing APKs. The user can also run two or more Leapdroid instances separately to run any game with different accounts.


Leapdroid is a great emulator which is free to use, and it doesn’t require a lot of space to install. The emulator runs on low system requirements. If you’re looking for an emulator that can perform and handle both games and apps well, then Leapdroid is the best choice to download. You can download it by visiting its official website.