Getting the Most Out of Android Gaming

Your phone can give you unlimited possibilities. The number of apps you can download is mind boggling, and many of them could change your life. Whether they provide an invaluable service or they give you hours of entertainment, you should always be on the lookout for some new apps. If games are what you want for your phone, then read on for some info on top downloads from Namco Bandai, Red Flush Casino, and Niantic/Nintendo.


Pac-Man has been around for over thirty years now and is one of gaming’s most recognizable figures. The simple gameplay of the original has provided fun for decades and now you can play it on your phone.

The app is the classic Pac-Man game you remember but with many new features such as new mazes, leaderboards, tournaments, tips and more. If you have been playing the game since 1980 or this is the first time you’ve ever tried it, then the app is perfect. You can play the simple and addictive games wherever you are and always try to beat your high score. Not all games have to be complicated, so if you want something straightforward to play on your Android device, then this is the game for you.

If you want some flexibility with your Android games then you should consider what Red Flush Casino offers. The app gives you access to dozens of classic casino games all with different variants, rules and styles available. You can play the most popular table games, cards, slots and more. 

This means there will always be a new game for you to try, but you could find yourself coming back to one in particular. This lets you have a full casino experience on the go, so you can try your hand on the bus, train, at home, work or wherever. You can play all of these games for free but you can also make real bets to win cash prizes. Play against the computer, friends, or opponents across the globe and test your skill.


Pokémon Go may not be the phenomenon it was a short time ago, but it is still one of the best ways to entertain yourself on your android phone. One of the first official mobile games based on a Nintendo property, you can catch over one-hundred Pokémon in the real world. Use your camera and the AR technology and the creatures will appear wherever you are and you capture them to add to your collection. 

The game encourages you to travel to find new friends and compete against local Pokémon gyms. It’s unique and promotes new ways to play. You can play it quick while out and about or you could dedicate a whole day to exploring and capturing new Pokémon. With updates being released all the time and the likelihood of new modes and monsters being added, this game could keep your going for a long time.


These are just some of the great games for Android, so check out the Google Store and see what you could soon be playing on your phone or tablet.