Free Unblocked Music Sites For School, and Offices

Being the tech geek, we need to reverse engineer to unblock that firewall and get our job finished. Suppose, if you require listening to music online, and the bullshit firewall is not let you listen. Frustrating situation Right? You can’t keep all the tracks on your mobile or laptop, if your space is running out listening online is your only solution. If you are thought of bypassing the firewall, you may look for proxy sites or something else Right?

For the god sake! There are some of the best unblocked music sites are present. Through which you can easily stream online music without being blocked. You could also see some of the free music downloaders for android to keep up your songs need.

Let’s dive into these free unlocked songs or music websites!

Best Unblocked Music Websites At School, College and Office

1. Slacker

Slacker is one of the best free music sites to listen to radio or songs online without downloading them. With Slacker, you can get access to the hundreds of the radio channels, and you can listen to them without signing up. If you need to create channels or playlist, you need to register a free account.You could even use some of the unblocked proxy sites for school to bypass the website’s restriction.


Overall, if you are thought of enjoying your school or college free times with the internet, Slacker will be the way to go solution.

2. GrooveShark

Groove Shark is something special,

You can easily listen to the thousands of music online without paying any dime. With Grooveshark, you can quickly search for your desired music either with artists name or genre. If you managed to create a GroveShark account, you are ready to go, and you will quickly get the access to the unlimited usage.

Grove Shark

If you are hunting for the free unblocked music sites, then Grooveshark is worth for trying. Check our recent post about the free mp3 music download sites 2016.

3. Soundzabound

Soundzabound is the unblocked music website created by the School associations.

It is the approved website to get your mp3 unblocked without any intricate steps. They do have thousands of songs, audio tracks and other music that are especially for school activities. Irrespective of your grade, you can easily grab any kinds of music or songs online and download them as well.


If you are searching for safest free unblocked music websites, then SoundzaBound will surely help you. Check out some of the free Tamil mp3 music download sites.

4. PureVolume

PureVolume is another yet to know unblocked music website that isn’t aware of many.

Pure Volume

With PureVolume, you can easily get access to the thousands of free music or audio that aren’t blocked in schools or colleges. You can easily get all the tracks for every situation, and further, you can download them as well. Overall, Purevolume is one of the best unblocked music sites at school or college.

5. Zuus – famous site to get music unblocked at schools

6. Jamendo – one of the best music download websites

7. Hulk Share – Get your free music at your schools

8. Songs Area – Free unblocked music site for free online songs.

Further, even you can make use of  Proxies Sites, Torrents to get your work done. Anyhow, these free music websites unblocked will be easier than anything.

That’s all about the free unblocked music sites which will surely help you along the way. If you need to unblock the music at school or college, worry not make use of these unblocked music websites carefully, you’ll end up with smiling face 🙂

If you are still unable to stream free music online, feel free to drop your comments below. If you liked and this article helped you, it takes a minute to share with your friends about these best unblocked music websites.