How To Fix Sony PS4 or PS3 DNS Error 80710102

DNS error 80710102 is a prevalent problem on Sony Play Station. If you are a victim of PS3 DNS Error 80710102 in your Sony Play Station gaming console. Then this guide will come handy, let’s see how you could tackle this error.

How To Fix PS3 or PS4 DNS Error 80710102

Gaming is something that drives us joy and an sufficient amount of satisfaction. If you were into gaming, you have various consols out there for choosing. Among them, Xbox 360, Sony Play station and Nintedo were common and familar to all. Sony PS consol is something I like very much among others. There is nothing denying, when I say, it is the powerful gaming consol ever made.

As you know, Sony Play Station is the greatest gaming console that would, let you play most of the games without any hassles. The graphic rich gaming along with the uncluttered textures make you blow away. Best part, Sony PS3 or PS4 supports the internet connectivity. You could to connect to the web with WiFi or any other mode.

While I was connecting to the internet in my Play Station, I entercountered PS3 DNS Error 80710102. Later one once I get know what and how to fix, it went smooth.

Sony PS3 dns error 80710102 fix
Sony PS3 dns error 80710102 fix

So after a lot of frustration, I got the fix for this DNS error 80710102. So I’ll let you know the solution. YOu could also checkout our post on how to fix DNS error in chrome if you were from Windows.

How To Fix DNS error 80710102 In Sony Play Station

Just follow up my commands you’ll surely repair the error in no time.

Step #1. First go to your browser in your system then enter your default Internet Protocol address (IP).

Step #2. You need to log in to your router configuration by entering your username and password.

Step #3. Click on the Password and you may get UPnP settings.

Step #4. Now disable the UPnP configuration.

Step #5. Restart your Sony Play Station 3, you’ll be easily able to fix the DNS error 80710102.

That’s it if you aren’t able to solve this DNS error in your play station, move on to the next method to get rid of it.

Fix ps3 80710102 DNS Error 2016

Just follow me to work around this DNS error, but it isn’t guaranteed way, as someone insisted me to try out this. For this, you need to switch your DNS servers in your Play Station and point to some practical one. Irrespective of the Internet protocol either it may be wired connection or wireless you can make it.

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Step #1. Go to Settings

Step #2. Network Settings

Step #4. Select your connection type _ wired or wireless

Step #5. For wired – choose the auto-detect for Ethernet mode. If you are the wireless type, enter the security type and password.

Step #6. Now enter the standard DNS servers as mentioned below, by selecting the IP settings to be automatic.

Step #7. Then set the MTU as automatic, disable the proxy server and enable the UPnP configuration.

Wrapping it up,

That’s it now you will able to fix PS3 DNS Error 80710102 without any worries. If you have the either wired connection or wireless, you quickly adjust the DNS error. If you have any queries left unanswered, let me clear them via comments.

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