Best Free Email Service Providers Online 2016

Email is something predominantly essential to contact like your residential address. If you have to visit any corner of the web or you need to do anything in an authentic way, you must hand over the genuine email address to get back to you. If you are an email holder, chances are high you might have that in Gmail platform. Even though Gmail dominating the web, there are still more areas to explore. Apart from Gmail, there are many free email providers services are out there with a significant number of audience.

For the folks, who don’t have enough technical background check out the email definition.

What is an Email?

Email is a message that is distributed from one user to other or a group over the internet. eMail or Electronic Mail was first sent in late 1971s, by a computer engineer named Ray Tomlinson. Now email is more than a means of communication; it has grown exponentially beyond our expectations.

But for most of use Gmail is the “to go” solution, luckily there are plenty of free email services available to get started. Let’s see some of them.

Best Email Service Providers To Get Your Online Address

1. Gmail 

With over a billion registered users, Gmail needs no introduction. With its unparalleled support from the world’s most prestigious company, Gmail remain as the synonym for Email. If you have one Gmail account, you can log into any service offered by Google. As part of the email hosting, it provides 15 GB of free storage to keep your emails. By upgrading your Gmail account, you’ll get added storage. Check out the plans by visiting here.

Google Gmail

One Gmail account can able to manage your documents in the Google Docs, store files in the Drive, watch free videos on YouTube, start using Bloggers, send or receive money through Google Wallet and the list goes on. More than a free email service, Gmail had grew beyond what if had planned for. It supports web version, and you can access your account in any internet web browser irrespective of the platform. You can access your account on your Android or iOS devices, apart from that platform, you need to opt for the web access as they don’t have an app built for. With advanced spam filtering, deletion of the spam emails after 30 days, and a butt load features, Gmail wins the race.

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2. Outlook

Outlook is one more cloud-based email client shed under the roof of Microsoft Inc. Formerly called Hotmail, later on, they merged up the Hotmail and Outlook way back in 2012. Since then, whatever email sent to the Hotmail automatically redirects to the Outlook. Even now, you can select between Hotmail or Outlook root domains for an email address. You can quickly create a Hotmail account and explore the settings.

Clutter-free user interface and simple options, make it extremely vulnerable to the newbies. For the email hosting, you’ll get maximum 5 GB of cloud storage. You can sync and use all the Microsoft products like Skype, One Drive, calendar and even you can use Outlook account to log into your Windows account. Apart from that, it has all the necessary options like spam filtering, blocking email address, delete the emails before it reaches and custom email address. The business email is starting from 4$, which lesser a dollar lower than Gmail for a month.

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3. Yahoo

Yahoo stands next to Gmail and Outlook in the game, with its 1 TB email storage space it has surpassed the other free email providers. It is one of the pioneer services to start the email service, as a result till now it has reached over 0.4 Billion users. Even they have extended the maximum upload limit of the email attachment to 100 MB, whereas you’ll get only 25 MB in both Gmail and Outlook.

Yahoo Email

Easy integration with calendar, Flickr and Yahoo messenger. Apart from that, the user-interface is somewhat resonating with Outlook. You can personalize with your desired themes. Furthermore, relevant email formats like IMAP and POP were supported as a bonus. You can add the custom email address to your business for better reach.

Spam email filtering and deletion and some other sort of features help you out. Upon creating a Yahoo Email account, If you weren’t using your Yahoo account for over a period of six months, it would be terminated after the warning before two months of deletion. You can access your inbox from web or Android or iOS apps.

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4. Zoho Mail

Zoho is feature-rich free email service provider comes to lots of freebies. With this vendor, you can quickly hit your email address with 5 GB storage and 1 GB for documents. There aren’t hotchpotch options that play hard with your brain capacity.

You need to have a registered domain for email creation, or you can go with free as well. Best part, they offer the free .in or domains for Indian native users. If you were an Indian, you could grab a free domain by submitting your PAN details. As a consequence, the popularity grew to a great extent. Apart from that, you can experience the Ad-free feature that is mind blowing. You can access your email inbox anytime with your browser or Android or iOS apps.

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5. Yandex Mail

Yandex is another great email service provider from the USSR. With a clutter-free user interface and manageable options, you can access your inbox within minutes.HTTPS certificate installed recently on the website to protect from the spam attack, they tie up with Dr, Web antivirus to protect servers. Since then, the security bugs and loopholes got vanished.

Best part, you don’t need any mobile number to register email account. Apart from the email service, they have a powerful search engine to crawl the web within minutes.

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6. iCloud

iCloud is a service rendered by the Apple Inc to its users to keep them synced anytime. If you were an iDevice user, you must worry about the storage space, so they have taken a step forward to help their users. It offers you  GB of free cloud storage along with an email address using @cloud root domain. As a default, you can send or receive the attachment size limit of 20 Mb other things were common.

You can access iCloud with the web, iOS, and Windows by downloading their client right into your desktop. Although you need to have the Apple ID to create an iCloud email account, if you have one you may proceed to create an iCloud account and set up the cloud sync feature. With iCloud, IMAP is supported, but unfortunately, POP is not supported. Another thing is you can’t categorize your email inbox like Gmail and Yahoo have.

Even you can use the iCloud to lock your iPhone when it lost or reached the third party access, later you can easily bypass the iCloud email account log in screen.

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7. Mail

Mail is a Germany-based free email service provider with some unique features. You will get the unlimited space for hosting your emails, and also get the 2 GB free storage to save your files in the cloud. Although the interface is simple, so you can’t expect too much. But overall you can explore without thinking twice. But we they reserve the right to delete email accounts.

One thing I liked with Mail is, you can choose alias extension for your email ID. Which is that no other email services provide you. You can choose @teacher, @techie @insurer and many more domains out there. You don’t need to to visit separate inbox or dashboard to manage those domains; you can manage right into a single inbox. You’ll also get the organizer which is very useful to manage events and organize them in your dashboard.

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8. AOL Mail

America Online (AOL) is one of the initiatives that made a name, and their email service wasn’t familiar but worth for trying. Unlimited email storage, advanced spam filter, blacklist IP and other essential features were provided along. Relevant email formats like SMPT, POP3, and IMAP, were supported with the AOL mail.

With this account, you’ll also get the AOL Instant Messenger, which is quite a familiar way back, but Skype and Facebook messenger replaced that spot. Text messaging, the choice for domain extension, security makes it reliable and best email service provider online.

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Bonus Content;

9. My Way Mail

With My Way Mail, you’ll get 125 MB free storage and 10 MB attachment size. Apart from that, you’ll get spam filtering, and switchable fonts feature as well. You can’t expect too much with these free email providers.

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10. Hushmail

Hushmail is another startup that is raised with the powerful security and encryption. They have multiple security levels to lower the chances of hacking or leaking of information. You can even they have the two-step verification as well.

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11. GMX Email

GMX is the Germany-based startup, provides you unlimited storage space to host your emails with secured access. They were easy to use with any of your devices, apart from that, they don’t have the HTTPS installed it makes it quite open for attacking.

Visit GMX Mail

With these email service providers, you can create unlimited email accounts and manage them with a breeze. If you know any other email services, let us know in the comment section below.